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On the Occasion of the National Day 1434H, MOH Issues a Media Report on its Services and Accomplishments
23 September 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a media report regarding its services and accomplishments on the occasion of the National Day (1434H). In the report, the MOH has lauded the interest and care paid by our governors, may Allah protect them, to accomplish cultural renaissance and the sustainable development in the entire services infrastructure in our dear country.
It is worth mentioning that the health sector is one of the brightest spots in the Kingdom's development and constriction march, as it has witnessed conspicuous development through the consecutive development plans. This can be attributed to the grace of our Almighty Allah; then to the state's strenuous efforts in supporting this vital and important sector.
Moreover, the MOH's report added that the Ministry is currently witnessing comprehensive and developmental improvement and a quantum leap in all its services and facilities, all of which aim at meeting the patient's safety and services as well as gaining his satisfaction. As such, the Ministry has carried out several programs with the aim of serving patients and putting the slogan; "Patient First" into effect.
Further, the Ministry has at hand a lot of developmental projects, under implementation or construction, which were approved to be included in the MOH's budget. These projects include developing and constructing medical cities, specialized and general hospitals, and medical towers agreed to be implemented by the Royal Decree. These projects are to cover all the Kingdom's regions and governorates and they will contribute, Allah willing, to advancing the level of the health services.
The MOH's report has highlighted also the ten-year strategic plan "1431-1440H/2010-2020" as well as MOH's various developmental projects which cover all the Kingdom's regions and sectors.
To view MOH's report regarding its services and accomplishments on the occasion of the Kingdom's 83rd National Day 1434H, Click here.

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