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The Mass Gathering Medicine Continues its Events, Sees Remarkable Turnout of Experts and Specialists
22 September 2013
On Sunday, with a good number of experts and specialists attending, the events of the second Mass Gathering Medicine World Conference, where a host of topics related to the upper respiratory tract infection diseases, prevention means, and appropriate intervention methods limiting the transmission of diseases infection linked to travel have been discussed, as well as the significance of international cooperation, and its role in fighting the global threats of the Mass-Gathering Medicine diseases.
In the meantime, the first session has reviewed a display of Hong Kong's experiment on dealing with SARS-caused infection, through the way of the health bodies' response to reduce and hold back the infection among community members; especially among the groups more vulnerable for the risk of getting injured such as relatives and those in contact with a patient, as well as the health professionals who attend to the injured cases. Further, the nature of the disease was thrown into the spotlight through demonstrating some illness cases for those injured with the infection.
All the same, during the session, participants have affirmed the dire consequences of getting injured with flu infection over the respiratory tract, and the wide-scale ensued impacts that may lead to death of those suffering from chronic diseases. They have gone on pointing out that the crowded places are among the principal causes which increase the likelihood of coming down with the flu infection through the spray flying in the air, coming from the injured person to the healthy one. This, in turn, increases the incidence numbers among community members.
Moreover, speakers have made clear that flu viruses are inclined to replicate and evolve in terms of its genetic composition over time; of which a spate of strains have emerged over varying time spans, which have been reported in several countries. They have even added that viruses may directly or indirectly transmit from an animal to a human, through people's contacting with those directly socializing with animals; and this goes for the cases who have been registered with regard to bird and swine flu.
As far as the second session of the Mass Gathering Medicine Conference is concerned, experts have underlined that the flu incidence spread differs from a country to another, as wells its differing according to seasons of the year. This, in turn, makes disease incidence registering vary in terms of place and time. To that effect, experts have classified East Asia as the most area where the flu virus is rampant. This is due to the increase of population numbers, a lot of crowded places in their cities, contacting and living with animals in the places where they are raised, and heavy physical contact with them.
In the meantime, speakers have underscored that getting injured with the respiratory diseases infection have registered a variance among injured people in terms of age and gender. Thus, several studies have shown that the younger age groups, such as youth, are more prone to develop the disease than older people, as well as the increase of women's incidences compared to men; especially in relation to some types of flu virus, in  stark contrast to some other viruses.
All the more, participants have determined a number of necessary steps to prevent the spread of flu virus, embodied in the vaccination which takes a long time until it reaches the proper immunization for it. Through it, human or animal can directly be vaccinated; in order to curb the virus risk, as well as administering antiviral drugs and boosting up the human immunity; through giving patients some supplement vitamins to strengthen immunity of the body.

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