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Dr. Al-Rakas: Distraction, Absent-Mindedness, and Forgetfulness Are among the Main Problems of Recall
14 September 2013
Dr. Khalid bin Nahes al-Rakas, the Associate Professor at the Division of Psychology in King Saud University's Faculty of Education, said that the main problems that hinder the process of recall, in connection to the student himself or his family or school, include distraction, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness, boredom, rapid fatigue despite the lack of efforts, and the desire to sleep in order to escape from studying. Meanwhile, Dr. al-Rakas added that there are other family-related problems such as the pressure imposed by the father or mother on the student to success, as well as the problems arising within the family, and the difficulties observed in the nature of the school subject or in the style adopted by the teacher in teaching.
Talking about the most prominent ways for effective recall process, Dr. al-Rakas said that it is necessary to prepare the place for studying, through keeping the student away from distraction factors, hence, the student should sit alone in order to concentrate on studying. Also, Dr. al-Rakas focused on the importance of ventilating the room, saying that ventilation is useful for the renewal of activity.  The provision of adequate lighting is a must also; because the dim light strains the eye and impairs concentration.
Within the same vein, Dr. al-Rakas advised students to identify the important ideas by underlining or written them on the margins of the paper to be reviewed later after arranging the ideas logically, thus, they can be recalled easily, when needed. Dr. al-Rakas noted also that the method of cognitive or mental maps can be used to convert the scientific material of the subject into a form of symbols that can be easily understood and recalled. Also, the student may divide the scientific material into parts before the start of studying, determine an appropriate time for each part and stick to it.
Moreover, Dr. al-Rakas advised students to determine a time for sleeping and taking rest, and to know that each subject has a different method of recall; pointing out that each subject has its own nature. Meanwhile, Dr. al-Rakas focused on the importance of sleeping early because it positively affects the student and enhances the processes of recall and concentration.
As for the proper way to deal with the reluctance of children to study or perform the daily homework, Dr. al-Rakas said that the role of parents is very influential; because they are required to exert more efforts in this issue, such as offering incentives (prizes, gifts, trips, going to nightclubs...etc.), or using the expressions of praise; that is to be added to communicating with the school at least once every month to follow-up the performance of the son or daughter.
This comes as a part of the activities of the health awareness program (My health ... My school) coinciding with the start of the new academic year, as the Ministry of Health (MOH) hosted Dr. Khalid bin Nahes al-Rakas, the Associate Professor at the Division of Psychology in King Saud University's Faculty of Education, through its Media and Health Awareness Information Center's toll-free number: 8002494444 and the MOH's account on Twitter: @saudimoh; in order to answer all callers' inquiries on the most important and successful methods and techniques that help student to study, concentrate, and increase their ability to recall information quickly and easily, Allah willing.

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