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MOH Information Center Hosts Ms. Maha Al-Assaf Tomorrow (Sunday)
07 September 2013
As a part of the activities of the health awareness program (My health ... My school), the Ministry of Health (MOH) keeps, for the second  consecutive week, on hosting a constellation of consultants and specialists through the Media and Health Awareness Information Center via the toll-free line of the Center: 800-2494444; in order to talk about psychological and physical preparation of students for the new academic year, and to provide them and their parents with health tips and guidelines, enabling students to get rid of all negative emotions and psychological problems that can encounter them with the beginning of the new academic year.
Within the same vein, the program is to host Ms. Maha bint Saleh Al-Assaf, a Therapeutic Nutritionist, on Sunday 8/9/2013 (corresponding to 2/11/1434 H) from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.; in order to talk about the most prominent malnutrition diseases, kinds of foods and drinks that should be available in the canteens of schools, and how the mother can treat her children when they have an unbridled desire to have unhealthy foods and beverages. Then, Ms. Bushra Al-Rabeeah, a Therapeutic Nutritionist, will be hosted to talk about the importance of the breakfast meal for students.

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