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Eastern Region Heath Affairs General Directorate Completes Travel Procedures for Rana to Get Treatment Abroad
05 September 2013
Further to the statement issued yesterday, the Eastern Region Health Affairs General Directorate confirmed in a new statement that, in continuation of the procedures carried out previously, it currently works on completing the treatment procedures for the patient “Rana”, the sister of the deceased “Majed”, May Allah have mercy upon him, and finishing the travel arrangements; to allow the patient to travel abroad (the United States of America) for completion of the stages of her treatment there. This step was taken after obtaining consent to travel with companions.
The Directorate added that this move comes in implementation of the Royal directives, and in accordance with the recommendation of the medical team treating the patient, which has already been invited from one of the specialized medical centers in the United States in order to examine Rana and her brother, May Allah have mercy upon him.The medical team recommended to send her to the USA through the medical evacuation to complete the treatment there.
Within the same vein, the Directorate has pointed out that there is full coordination with the concerned authorities to travel the patient abroad, and meet all the requirements of her travel immediately after receiving the consent to admit her in one of the specialized centers in concordance with the medical applicable norms in the similar conditions.
It is worth mentioning that the patient “Rana” had requested to postpone her travel in the past so as to accompany her brother “Majed”, May Allah have Mercy upon him, who could not be moved since then due to medical points of view.

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