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(MOH) Expresses its Deepest Condolences to the Bereaved of Majid Al-Dossary
03 September 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) expresses its deepest condolences to the bereaved family of Majid Al-Dossary, who passed away this morning in Dammam Medical Complex. He was suffering from abnormal obesity, -may Allah have mercy upon him, rest him in paradise, and grant his family patience and solace-. The Ministry of Health also wishes his sister who likewise suffers from obesity, prolonged wellbeing, and that she returns to her family fully recovered.
Earlier today, the Eastern Region Health Affairs Directorate issued a press statement declaring Majid’s death, the reasons behind his death, and the medical procedures employed by the medical team that dealt with his case in accordance with medical standards. The statement is as follows:
“Majid Al-Dossary, who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit (I.C.) of Dammam Medical Complex, being treated for abnormal obesity and endocrine disorders, has passed away. He was suffering from frequent bouts of low blood oxygen levels, and was recently transferred to the (I.C.) unit due to severe pneumonia. Majid failed to respond to medication and so his condition deteriorated. His heart and respiratory system then stopped and a pulmonary clot was suspected. This led to his death on Tuesday morning”.
It is worth mentioning that he was under an intense rehabilitation program to reduce his weight that had reached 380 kg. The program was recommended by a medical team that was summoned by a specialist center in the U.S.A.; in order to evaluate his condition and prepare him to be transferred abroad for treatment. This was based on His Majesty’s directives after a medical evacuation attempt failed due to Mr. Dossary’s condition -may Allah have mercy upon him-.

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