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Dr. Rabeea Signs 26 Contracts Today for Health Projects valued at 3 Billion Riyal
01 September 2013
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdulla Abdul-Aziz Al-Rabeea signed twenty six contracts this morning, Sunday 25/10/1434H (corresponding to 1/9/2013) to initiate the construction and development of hospitals, hygiene and medical maintenance, infrastructure, information technology, as well as medical equipment and furnishing. The approximate value of the contracts is 2,939,393,820.17 (Billion Riyal). 

His Excellency Dr. Rabeea conveyed his utmost thanks, appreciation, and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, -May Allah preserve his wellbeing- for what the health sector receives from the constant attention and patronage of His Highness, and also that which contributes to fulfilling the aspirations of citizens, and meets their health needs.

His Excellency also praised the support that the Ministry of Health receives from the Government of the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince and the Royal Deputy –May Allah preserve them- for providing comprehensive healthcare throughout the regions of the Kingdom for the citizens of this noble country. The Minister stressed that the Ministry’s slogan ‘The Patient first’ reflects the dedication and focus given to serving the patient, and ensuring his/her satisfaction and wellbeing.

His Excellency indicated that these projects are part of a national project for integral comprehensive healthcare that play a central role in the Ministry’s strategic plan. It actualizes an integrated health system for each region according to national and international standards. These projects represent an essential part of this ambitious project that was approved of by the leader of our journey and patron of the Renaissance, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques –may Allah preserve him-. They serve as a basis for the ministry’s plans comprising the principles of justice, equality and inclusiveness in the distribution of health services ensuring easy accessibility.

It is worth mentioning that these contracts include the construction of a 300 bed maternity hospital with accommodation in Jazan, completion of the 500 bed General Hospital in Hail, the construction of a 300 bed hospital with accommodation in Buraidah, the construction of a 300 bed maternity hospital with accommodation in Qateef, the construction of a 200 bed hospital in South Dhahran in the Aseer province.
The construction of these five projects will be carried out by Saudi companies, the approximate cost of which is 1,307,903,162.59 (billion riyals). The medical capacity estimated at 1,600 beds.
The maintenance and hygiene contracts as well as medical maintenance include: maintenance and hygiene contract, non-operating of medical devices and, maintenance of medical equipment for King Faisal Hospital, Prince Saud bin Jalawi located in Al-Ahsa Governorate, the new psychiatric Hospital Al-Amal in Dammam, and the new psychiatric Hospital Khaybar in Al-Madina. The approximate cost of which is 194,002,696 (million riyals).
The Information Technology contracts include the application of an electronic system for the protection of newborns costing SR 43,739,390. It also includes sixteen Hospitals specializing in maternity and pediatric care, which add to the (156) public Hospitals that have maternity sections.

Development of the (IT) and communication infrastructure in various Hospitals in the Eastern region, and Northern Border is also part of the project. Maintenance and support of the administrative system ‘medical plus’ in the MoH Hospitals, Provision of substantive and technical services to support the Ministry’s e-health program, development of the infrastructure of the (IT) and communication technology in several Ministry hospitals in the southern region, the development of the (IT) and communication technology in a number of Ministry hospitals located in the Central Region, totaling an approximate value of 529,248,815.17 SR.

The contracts include biding for the replacement of infrastructure and development project of the following: King Fahd Hospital in Hofoof, King Fahd Hospital in Madinah including accommodation, King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah including accommodation, The General Hospital in Rabigh including accommodation, The Adthom General Hospital, Prince Abdul Mohsen Hospital in Al-Ola, in addition to Qunfudah Hospital including accommodation. The total cost of contracts for replacement and development total: 697,068,090.14 SR.

His Excellency the Minister of Health also signed contracts for medically equipping and furnishing facilities as well as the diverse replacement of several health projects. This is in preparation for their opening and annexation to the healthcare service, represented in the various replacement projects competition among all regions in the Kingdom.
Competition to medically equip and furnish the Medical Tower located in sakaka and King Khaled Maternity Hospital located in Kharj, King Abdulaziz Hospital in Al-Jouf. The total cost amounted to 211,171,056 SR.

It is worth mentioning that this year as well as the next (2013/2014) will witness the opening of 30 Hospitals that are currently being built, 10 of which will be opening within the next three months. The staff for these Hospitals is also being recruited.

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