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The Information Centre Hosts Dr. Abdul Hameed, Al-Habeeb on Sunday 25/10/1434H.
31 August 2013
The Ministry of Health will launch an awareness program tomorrow, on Sunday: “My health…My school”. Its launch coincides with the start of the new academic year, and is part of the awareness-raising activities and events that the Ministry of Health conducts throughout the year.

The (MoH) will host a group of consultants and specialists via the (MoH) health awareness and media information center toll free number: (8002494444). The topic of discussion will be ‘the Psychological and Physical Preparation of Students for the New Academic Year’. Advice and health guidelines will also be provided for both students and parents.

The program will also host Dr. Abdul Hameed Al-Habeeb, a Phycology Consultant and General Manager of the Department of Mental Health and Social Affairs, on Sunday 25/10/1434H (corresponding to 1/10/2013) from 10a.m. to 12 noon. He will discuss how to prepare students for their return to school, the importance of psychological support for the child, and avoidance of dramatizing the affair or scaring the child.
The Dr. will also talk about the importance of the parent’s presence with the child in the early stages to break the fear barrier.

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