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The MoH Closed 136 Private Health Facilities in 1433H
15 August 2013
The Assistant Deputy Minister of the Private Health Sector, Dr. Ali Al-Zawawi stated that the Ministry of Health has filed a request to amend article 7 in the Private Healthcare Institutions Regulations. This would give authority to the MoH to standardize health service fees and in turn reduce financial malpractice. Some doctors would conduct tests, x-rays, and the likes in order to financially exploit patients. He also indicated that this request is currently being considered by the authorities.
Dr. Ali Al-Zawawi highlighted that the MoH conducts many inspections and observations in the private health sector to insure the implementation of rules and regulations. To achieve this, inspection committees from the Health Affairs Directorates periodically follow-up institutes, or pay unexpected visits. Inspections are also based on citizens’ complains via the (Citizen’s Voice) service on the Ministry’s Portal.
He pointed out that the Ministry’s statistics in 1433H demonstrates its efforts to detect and resolve any deficiency in healthcare services. In that year, 136 healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical facilities were closed, 1625 irregularities and decisions against private health institutions were issued, 1030 irregularities and decisions against medical and technical staff were issued by the Inspection Committee of Practicing Healthcare Professions. Also, 485 irregularities and decisions against technical and medical staff were issued by legitimate health institutions.
Dr. Ali Al-Zawawi went on to add that the most important decision made by the Ministry, was to oblige public and private hospitals, as well as clinics, and medical centers to adhere to quality standards. They must also obtain accreditation certificates as a basic requirement for the licensing of their health institutions. It is hoped that this will contribute to increasing the quality of medical service provided to patients.
Furthermore, Dr. Ali Al-Zawawi clarified that the Ministry has electronically linked private health services to the Emigration Department in various regions. Expatriates’ and caterers’ certificates will be verified, in order to avoid forgery. Moreover, the Ministry has an electronic scheme for issuing medical licenses for both health institutions and medical staff. This scheme is in its final stages, and upon completion will facilitate the inspection and follow-up process of such facilities.

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