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The Closure and Fining of Pharmacies in Riyadh and Medinah Due to Violations
14 August 2013
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has approved the decision of the Irregularities Committee of Private Healthcare Institutions in Riyadh, which included closing a branch of a pharmacy chain in Riyadh for 60 days, and fining the owner of the pharmacy SR (50,000) due to violating article 37 of Pharmaceutical Facilities and Products System and its regulations. Also the pharmacists’ license had expired, and didn’t correspond to the pharmacy that he was working at. The owner of the pharmacy was summoned by authorities several times, but he failed to respond, and the irregularities kept reoccurring.
Furthermore, the decision included transferring the pharmacist to the Health Practitioners Committee in order to issue the necessary penalty. The MoH has approved the decision of the Healthcare Irregularities Committee in Medinah Health Affairs directorate which included punishing two branches of a pharmacy chain in Medinah, One of which has been closed until renewal of its license. The other branch was fined SR (20,000) due to practicing without a license and SR (5,000) because the temperature in the pharmacy had reached 27 ° C, breaching article 7-1-K/1. The decision also included suspending any practice until the correction of the irregularities.

Last Update : 18 August 2013 01:03 PM
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