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MoH Calls upon Medical Diploma Graduates to Sign Contracts
14 August 2013
Pursuant to the Royal directive no. 26736 dated 12/7/1434H, corresponding to 22/5/2013 to employ healthcare diploma holders, the Ministry of Health (MoH) called upon medical diploma graduates who were assigned to the (MoH), as well as those who updated their information via the Ministry’s Portal to attend and sign contracts verifying their original graduation certificates; as follows:
  • Al-Khobr starting from Sunday 18th to 22/10/1434 H, corresponding to 25th-28/8/2013 for a period of five days in the Golden Tulip Hotel, Corniche.
  • Jeddah starting from Sunday 25th to 29/10/1434 H, corresponding to 1st-5/9/2013 for a period of five days in the studies and training center in Jeddah Health Affairs Directorate (opposite King Fahad Hospital.)
  • Riyadh starting from Sunday 2nd to 6/11/1434 H, corresponding to 8th-12/9/2013, for five days in the Golden Tulip Hotel, Al-Nasiriah.
The MoH will contact each graduate to determine the locations and times for signing agreements. This will be done via Portal updates, and sending text messages as well as emails to all graduates. The appointed time and place for signing the contracts of each candidate will be clarified. It’s a must that they bring the original and a copy of their: graduation certificates, National ID, classification certificate issued by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, an occupational registration card (renewable), a bank statement with the iban number, and two colored photos.
The MoH urges graduates who have not updated their information to hurry in doing so via the Portal, before the deadline which has been extended to Sunday, 11/10/1434, corresponding to 18/7/2013. So far 80% of the 6,471 graduates have been assigned to the MoH –All praise due to Allah-. The MoH affirmed that it has accomplished all of what the Royal Directive entails.


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