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Dr. Flimban: HIV/AIDS Does Not Survive for Long outside the Human Body
10 July 2013
The Director General of AIDS Combat Program at the Ministry of Health (MoH), Dr. Sanaa Flimban, advised AIDS patients, especially with the advent of Ramadan, to stick to voluntary prayers (sunnah and qiyaam) and supplicate to Allah to attain the peace of mind that they need more than anything else; given the stigmatization and discrimination against AIDS, hampering them from getting their full human rights.
Also, Dr. Sanaa advised AIDS patients to avoid exposure to respiratory diseases such as influenza and over exhaustion, as wll as exposure to the sun. She also advised them to drink lots of water, eat healthy food and sleep well. Moreover, she underscored the importance of getting their required medication on time regularly, keeping drugs safely as required, avoiding infecting others, insuring using safety means when having sexual intercourse with the partner (husband or wife) as well as insuring to dispose body fluids safely.
As for those who recovered, Dr. Flimban underscored the importance of avoiding globally known infection transmission means, whether through AIDS or sexually transmitted disease due to unprotected sex of all sorts or drugs injection. She stressed on the importance of treating sexually transmitted diseases, make sure that the disease is cured to not to be prone to AIDS, and avoid drinking alcohol or any type of narcotics as they consequently lead to getting the infection- Allah forbid.
As for the measures to be taken right after coming back home from a trip, Dr. Flimban stated that there are no specific measures to be followed when getting back home; however, the only measure is to make sure not to be exposed to any infection means to the virus by visiting, consulting test centres to be tested, or any available health facility by getting the health information that indicate infection transmission means, Allah forbid. Quick tests are conducted very confidentially with regards to patients’ contact information or IDs.
It is worth mentioning that, as a part of the activities of the summer health awareness campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the slogan: “Sayouf”; the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Centre has hosted the Director General of AIDS Combat Program at the Ministry of Health (MoH), Dr. Sanaa Flimban via the toll free no. 8002494444, and through the social networking websites; Facebook and Twitter: @SAUDIMOH.
On the other hand, Dr. Sanaa Flimban answered a couple of questions through twitter about HIV transmission through the tooth brush an hour after an infected user, she indicated that the infection is not transmitted through sharing a tooth brush unless the HIV patient has bleeding gum and the healthy person has an injured mouth; which will allow the transmission of the infection. However, HIV does not survive for long outside the human body
Also, she was asked whether or not the tests of hepatitis C indicate an HIV infection – Allah forbid, Dr. Sanaa Flimban answered that it is not possible, and that the virus is to be detected through special HIV tests.
Furthermore, Dr. Flimban stressed on the fact that HIV combat is not restricted to certain individuals or bodies; however, it is a joint responsibility. All members of the society should adhere to safe behaviours, avoid any infection transmission means, modify any risky behaviours associated with the virus transmission, and maintain a proper health condition when having HIV. It is highly important that discrimination against AIDS patients is eliminated, as they should enjoy their rights; consequently, social health awareness level about AIDS is raised helping limiting the transmission of the infection.

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