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Fleshy Protrusions in Women's Uterus May be Caused by Estrogen
09 July 2013

The Consultant Physician on Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Hafiza Turkestani, has stressed that: “among The most important causes of women's injury with frequent inflammation is due to not addressing the real cause of the inflammation”, noting that the inflammation is caused by a certain microbe, and giving the patient a medication meant for another microbe doesn’t actually solve the problem.

Furthermore, Dr. Hafiza has mentioned other reasons for these frequent inflammations among women, such as having an ulcer in the cervix or irregular diabetes; leading to repeated fungal infections. Also, there are microbes transmitted via sexual intercourse. And when it comes to that, both spouses are to be treated and take suppositories and vaginal cream when needed, given that this does not cause any harm.

Within the same vein, Dr. Hafiza has underscored that: “Fleshy Protrusions in a woman's uterus may be caused by the “Estrogen”, hormone. It is recommended to be removed whenever appeared; in order to know its type, as it may cause bleeding for women during her menstrual period.”

This was pointed out by Dr. Hafiza Turkestani when the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Center hosted her via the Center’s toll-free number: 8002494444; in order to answer women’s inquiries on their health problems and how to avoid those injuries that can be avoided with a little awareness and health education.

Regarding the risk of taking the medication “Diane”, especially after the rumors spread about it recently, and whether it can be taken for two consecutive months without interruption for fasting the holy month of Ramadan, Dr. Hafiza has confirmed that this medication is good, especially for the teenage girls to regulate their menstrual period. Thus, this medication can be taken for two consecutive months after making sure of being free of any contraindications, and taking the necessary precautions, by referring to the medical history such as getting injured with breast cancer or thrombosis in any part of the body. Additionally, the family's medical history is very important, and the woman has to use two consecutive tapes without interruption.



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