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Dr. Al-Hassan: Dryness Causes Eczema
02 July 2013
The Consultant of Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Hassan, stated that dryness, which is more likely to be in the summer, causes eczema when severe. Dr. Al-Hassan advised to drink more liquids and apply moisturizers to affected areas as well as visiting a specialized physician to take the proper medication.
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Hassan pointed out that thinness and fatness is a disorder often caused by diet habits; and not because of an illness or a gland (which may be a reason in rare cases). As for excessive thinness, Dr. Al-Hassan recommends eating appetizing food, provided that it has to be variant, and easy to be chewed and digested. 
It is worth mentioning that, as a part of the activities of the summer health awareness campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH); the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Centre has hosted Dr. Al-Hassan via the toll free no. 8002494444, and through the social networking websites; Facebook and Twitter: @SAUDIMOH; where he answered callers' questions and enquires, and provided them with tips and health advices on various diseases and health issues. Also, Dr. Al-Hassan provided the public with instructions to be followed before and during travelling; in order to promote the health of citizens and society as well.

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Hassan has answered various questions, especially; it is known that the family physician is the most concerned physician with the patient's care; as a result of his wide knowledge, that's why, some people believe that the services offered by the family physician to the society are immense as 80% of diseases can be treated by the family physician.
It is noteworthy that the MOH, through the Media and Health Awareness Information Center, hosts all over the year a constellation of consultant physicians from different health sectors, and this is the tenth year for this program.
Within the same vein, the MOH had launched, during the past year through its awareness campaign, the cartoon character (Seoff), thorough which, health awareness messages are broadcasted, coinciding with the summer vacations and travel season. The MOH intends to use the same cartoon character during this summer campaign; by means of implementing several awareness events and activities.

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