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Dr. Ahmad Abu ‘Abah Provides the Audience of MOH Information Center with a Series of Awareness-Raising Tips
01 July 2013
Dr. Ahmad bin Muhammad Abu ‘Abah, a Consultant in Respiratory Diseases, has warned against climate changes, taking place during the summer season in particular, and which cause respiratory diseases. Dr. Abu ‘Abah has advised people to avoid going out during sand-storms, to be cautious not to get exposed to cold air currents such as ACs, to use preventive medications for patients with chronic asthma and to ensure carrying medication when traveling or going out to parks; in order to avoid health problems when symptoms arise away from home.
Furthermore, he has underscored the importance of personal hygiene, washing hands so as to avoid viral infections, and being keen to use clean handkerchiefs and tools. He also pointed out that in order to control the nasal allergy, one had better avoid its causes by taking medicine such as nasal spray and oral medication. Meanwhile, it is important to make sure of the diagnosis.
Within the same vein, Dr. Abu ‘Abah has highlighted that the crooked nose causeschronic nasal allergy, and the deviated septum may cause similar symptoms such as stuffy nose and difficulty in breathing.
This was pointed out by Dr. Abu ‘Abah when the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Center hosted him, as part of the activities of Summer Health Awareness program, via the Center’s toll-free number: 8002494444, and the social networking sites, Facebook and Tweeter: @SAUDIMOH; in order to answer the public inquiries throughout the Kingdom’s regions, on the respiratory diseases and their potential outbreak with of the advent of summer, and what the Kingdom’s atmosphere is witnessing, especially in the recent waves of dust, that harm many people suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Dr. Ahmad Abu 'Abah has received many questions via “Twitter” regarding ACs upon which people heavily rely in the summer, especially with the high temperature in a time when these devices become stimulants to many respiratory diseases. "It is very important at the beginning of the summer season to clean all air conditioning filters in order to get rid of any dust and fungi that may be covering them. Also, one has to avoid direct exposure to cold air stream which is deemed one of irritants of allergies or asthma, given that the place, when fairly – rather than too – cold, would be sufficient and acceptable,” replied Dr. Abu ‘Abah to an inquiry.

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