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(WHO) Lauds Kingdom’s Measures in Dealing with Coronavirus
24 June 2013
The Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Dr. Alaa Al-Alwan, has expressed the appreciation of the World Health Organization for the effective measures taken by the Kingdom in terms of investigating and combating the outbreak of Coronavirus since it was first detected in 2012; lauding the professionalism and transparency of the Ministry of Health (MOH) in dealing with the virus’s updates.
This statement came in a letter sent by Dr. Al-Alwan to His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah and the Ministry’s officials, in which Dr. Al-Alwan praised the effective role and special measures applied by the MOH in combating the infection, controlling the outbreak in hospitals as well as registering the respiratory syndrome cases caused by Coronavirus.
The WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Region pointed out that the Ministry of Health has played a tremendous role in the field of awareness campaigns aiming at informing the society individuals of the preventative and safe measures that have been of most importance to limit the outbreak of the virus.
Moreover, the WHO Regional Director said, "I would like to seize this opportunity to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude to your Excellency and all MOH officials for the excellent preparations and arrangements as well as valuable assistance and fruitful cooperation with the WHO’s delegation that visited the Kingdom during 4-9/6/2013 (corresponding to in order to evaluate the situation.”
Dr. Al-Alwanadded that the MOH has taken many effective measures since the emergence of the virus such as transparency; as in reporting and publishing all positive cases in the mass media. Also, the Ministry has hold several meetings with the the National Scientific Committee for Contagious Diseases and the National Scientific Committee for Infection Control; in order to discuss the plan to deal the Novel Coronavirus updates. It is noteworthy that the committees include representatives from the Ministry of Defense, Saudi National Guard, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, and the Ministry of Health. In addition to having representative from King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, and the Saudi Aramco Company.
In addition, the Ministry has invited WHO’s delegations well as highly skilled, and well-educated qualified experts and specialists from international universities in the field of infection control; in order to preview the strategies, policies, and measures conducted by the Ministry to deal with Coronavirus, as well as the precautious efforts and surveillance actions taken to limit the spread of the virus. The attendees have also consulted about the effectiveness of these measures.
Within the same vein, the Ministry has consulted with experts from the WHO, and the Diseases Control Centres in the United States and the other countries experienced in this field, in addition to a special delegation from the WHO. All cases have been reviewed. During the 66th World Health Organization meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland in 20-28/5/2013(corresponding to 10-18/7/1434H), the Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Health, delivered a presentation on the situation in the Kingdom with regards to combating and controlling the virus; in order to control the spread of Coronavirus cases.
Moreover, the Ministry has launched a Coronavirus health awareness media plan using all mass media means in an integrated and harmonious manner, as in using the social media networks. Also, the Ministry updates the information of the detected cases regularly on the Ministry’s website and allocates the no. (937) to publish health awareness information to prevent the disease and to answer all questions and concerns 24/7.
Many press conferences have been held, and the MOH’s officials and seniors have conducted television interviews; in order to raise awareness among citizens and residents, inform them of the virus’s updates and answer their concerns. Moreover, awareness announcements have been published in all local newspapers, the MOH Media and Health Awareness Information Center has been also assigned to offer health awareness advice and tips through the toll free no. )8002494444). The plan also includes many activities and events such as holding press conferences for MOH’s officials and WHO experts.

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