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Dr. Khushaim: Honoring Blood Donors Reflects the Interest of Heed of the Government and Rulers
16 June 2013
The Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammed bin Hamzah Khushaim indicated that the Ministry of Health managed to localize the plasma derivatives separation technology and establish a factory to produce plasma derivatives in the Kingdom; in an endeavour to provide such vital products. It is expected for this measure to benefit the Kingdom, and the whole Arab and Islamic nations.
During the World Blood Donor Day celebrated on 14 June every year, Dr. Khushaim added, in the ceremony held at Marriott Hotel in Riyadh, that honouring a number of blood donor volunteers who have donated their blood more than 50 times and obtained medals for merit from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah save him, reflects the interest of the Government and the Rulers in this vital field.
Dr. Khushaim went on to add that the support paid to the donors by the Kingdom of humanity and its Rulers is not weird. Blood donation is a humanitarian noble deed among other deeds that make you closer to your Creator. Also, it is beneficiary to the other people; as the Prophet, Peace be upon Him, said, “The Best of People are those who are of most benefit to others". Through blood donation, revival of life is achieved as Almighty Allah says, “And if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people”. That is why; the blood donators are only rewarded by Almighty Allah due to the transcendence and sublimity of this deed.
Moreover, Dr. Khushaim pointed out that the Ministry of Health seeks to offer all safe blood provision options to the patients in need of it. Also, the MOH seeks to adopt any updates in the field of blood transfusion. Dr. Khushaim has expressed his sincere thanks for the honoured blood donors and for all blood donors in the Kingdom, as well as to those who contributed in this great deed.
For his part, the Director-General of Laboratories and Blood Banks, Dr. Ali Al-Shimmery, clarified in the speech delivered on behalf of the Director of Blood Banks Department, Mr. Ali Al-Sharif, that blood transfusion services in the Kingdom have achieved remarkable success with regard to the provision of safe blood for those who need it of patients by providing the latest devices, attracting skilled technical experts, more importantly, physicians, specialists and technicians, setting strategies and work plans in blood banks as well as applying sustainable quality control management programs; in order to assure the safety of blood from the vein of the donor until it is delivered to the patient’s vein. This success was achieved due to the availability of 252 blood banks in the Kingdom.
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Shimmery added that the main supporters offering such services are blood donors who have contributed with their precious bloods to give lives, Allah willing, to patients as well as all departments and governmental institutions that participated in launching blood donation campaigns.
Dr. Ali Al-Shimmery said, “Proceeding from the importance of constant development, the Laboratories and Blood Banks Department has adopted several projects that will contribute to promote the level of blood banks such as information technology programs that include E-Census Program, Vigilance Program in Blood Banks, and the program of connecting blood banks electronically with MOH to unify work methods in blood banks. It is noteworthy that four international companies have been evaluated in this field in cooperation with the Information Technology General Department.”
He added that the Department managed to provide four mobile blood bank units and is currently setting standards to provide 20 more units, contributing to increasing voluntary donation. The initiative of launching the project of manufacturing blood plasma derivatives in the Kingdom is a great example of the interest in this vital field; given that, efforts are exerted at the local and international level to support this project. The latest efforts are manifested in the visit of the Advisory Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) to several sites with the aim of evaluating such sites and submitting the recommendations for review and application. The Department also participated in the meetings of Arab Authority for Blood Transfusion Services (AABTS).
At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Ali Al-Shimmery expressed his thanks to the Minister of Health and Vice Ministers who have been exerting their utmost efforts to support the services of blood transfusion in the Kingdom by the constant follow-up of the programs targeting the improvement of such services. In addition, Dr. Al-Shimmery expressed his thanks to Security Patrols Department and the Ministry of Education for participating in launching blood donation campaigns in the Kingdom’s regions.
For their parts, the blood donors stated, “This ceremony has an emotional place in our souls as it encourages us to communicate with each other, pledging to cooperate in all sectors especially health sectors,” adding that the blood donation is stemmed out of their strong belief in the significance of saving lives of patients; as they were granted the blessing of health and well-being by Allah. For that reason, the blood donators said, “We do our best to give back the debt of Allah and donate our blood, in an endeavour to do a good deed, hoping for the reward from Almighty Allah.”
Blood donors described their great sensations and pride to be at this ceremony, thanking Allah for His mercy and blessings to be a reason after Allah to give lives to a number of humans regardless of their gender or religion. Blood donors have also expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to Allah and then to the Ministry of Health for its efforts to provide all means necessary for delivering safe blood to patients through the blood banks in the Kingdom; praying for Allah to sustain the blessing of health for everyone.

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