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MOH Conducts a Study on the Conglomeration of the Health Facilities Infections with Novel Coronavirus
11 June 2013
The Ministry of Health (MOH) has announced that it has finished, by the grace of Allah, a study on the conglomeration of  the health facilities infections with the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus (MERS-COV) and its genetic serial order in an integrated manner, within a record period of time of infections outbreak occurred in Al-Ahsa governorate. Therefore an elite of researchers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, in collaboration with scientists from University College London (UCL) and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI), have conducted an urgent study for the genetic characteristics arising from the outbreak of (MERS-COV). This is reckoned a positive step to follow-up the development and mutation of the virus over the time, meanwhile, helping in the diagnostic steps, and to find out a quick mechanism of diagnoses.

 The MOH spokesman, Dr. Khaled Marghalani, has pointed out that a full genetic serious taken from four Coronavirus cases detected in Al-Ahsa - the Eastern governorate - has been actually recorded on the GenBank database, which is available for all via GenBank web site, in concordance with the established norms, starting from today on Tuesday 11/6/2013 (corresponding to 2/8/1434 H).
In this context, MOH has called upon all researchers and specialists from inside and outside the Kingdom, to refer to the GenBank on the following numbers of addition from kf186564 to kf186567; in order to view this information and benefit from this scientific step. MOH hopes that this step to contribute to the scientific development; so as to accelerate finding out a vaccine for this disease, and to learn more about this the virus, since there is hardly current information about it up to now, nor there is a vaccine or treatment for it.

Within the same vein, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released a press statement on its website:, through its mission which visited the Kingdom recently. Within the statement, WHO has talked about the Kingdom’s expertise and experiences in dealing with the virus and identifying its characteristics through shedding more light on the epidemic forms of the virus, with referring to the limited information about this virus. Furthermore, it has expounded the ways of the virus transmission from one person to another and the way of its diagnosis and treatment. Over and above, WHO has showed the measures and procedures taken in the Kingdom to investigate and control its outbreak in Al-Ahsa. Finally, WHO has urged all countries, especially the Eastern Mediterranean region, to intensify the epidemiological surveillance procedures of this virus. It is noteworthy that MOH has published this statement on its website http :/ /

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