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Vice Minister for Planning and Development Launches the Mobile Clinic Program
05 June 2013
The Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammad Khoshaim, launched on Tuesday the mobile clinic for employee’s health; in which tests of blood pressure, diabetes, heart pulse rate, and body temperature are conducted on MoH employees. The program will take place for two days.
Dr. Khoshaim demonstrated that the aim of this event organized by the Assistant Agency for Medical Services, which is concerned with the employee’s health, is to promote health awareness among MoH employees. He pointed out that we live in an era of chronic diseases; whereas 20 years ago, the society lived in an era of infectious diseases.
Dr. Khoshaim went on to add that of the most prominent chronic diseases are: diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol, and obesity. He indicated that the entire world is suffering from such diseases; and that the Ministry has been exerting efforts to raise awareness among all citizens. For instance, in world health days, the Ministry of Health conducts visits to malls, schools and places of gatherings and agglomerations in order to promote health awareness among all categories of the society. Dr. Khoshaim affirmed that through its strategy, MoH is keen on activating awareness programs to educate the society about the importance of doing tests, maintaining wellbeing, and being protected against diseases by losing weight, reducing the consumption of fast food and spreading the culture of exercising and walking.
Moreover, Dr. Khoshaim stressed on the importance of following the Healthy Food Palm program; which, if we manage to spread its culture, the society will be alright, Allah willing. According to Dr. Khoshaim, the rate of exercise in the Saudi society is no more than 25%, as opposed to 70% in some countries. Obesity among Saudis is as high as 35%, while diabetes ranges from 17 to 25%. Such statistics requires the Ministry of Health to exert more effort to improve the community's culture and control all such diseases.
For her part, the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munirah Al-Essaimi demonstrated that the agency has organized a mobile clinic offering health services, including measurements, guides, medical tips in the Ministry’s headquarter for MoH employees.
Furthermore, Dr. Al-Essaimi stated that the clinic will offer medical services, such as measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital signs, as well as determine blood ratio and blood group for the blood donation campaign, besides reading blood properties. In addition, the clinic will distribute educational brochures about blood donation, medical consultation, organize educational lectures, display awareness modules, evaluate the nutritional status, identify dietary habits, measure body mass index (BMI), suggest the ideal weight and offer nutritional tips and guides based on the results as per the medical status including the nutritional diet to be followed in terms of quality and quantity, as well as an awareness caricature exhibition.

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