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MOH Minister to Launch the 937-Service (MOH Emergency Call Center) Tomorrow
13 May 2013
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah, is launching tomorrow, 14/5/2013, corresponding to 4/7/2013 H, the “937-Service” (MOH Emergency Call Centre). The call center is concerned with offering healthcare services; and can be communicated with nationwide via any communication means such as (mobiles, land phones, emergency phones).
The MOH Spokesman, Dr. Khalid Marglani, indicated that the MOH Emergency Call Centre (937) is deemed to be an attentive ear to patients willing to record their urgent demands. The (937) Emergency Centre works to meet patients’ urgent needs in accordance with standards and patients’ medical needs to carry out their demands and requirements as soon as possible with the highest quality possible at anytime and anywhere.
Dr. Marglani added that the centre analyses all incoming urgent patients’ reports; and works hard to improve work performance within the MoH strategy, striving to meet the slogan: “Patient First”. Moreover, Dr. Margalani indicated that the aim of establishing this system is to achieve leadership in offering urgent, regular healthcare services with speed and high efficiency for patients all over the Kingdom. That is the message that the MOH is striving to deliver through the fast response to patients' demands and requirements in accordance with medical standards by following up with the concerned authorities in MOH health regions and provinces; in order to accomplish all patients’ transactions soonest possible. That cannot be achieved without team-spirit and quality of performance.
Dr. Margalani mentioned the centre’s services, which include receiving and recording patients’ urgent reports and work to quickly accomplish them, follow up and provide urgent consultations at anytime, anywhere nationwide with doctors working 24/7. Cooperation is achieved with health awareness offering urgent and essential directions for cases such as poisoning with the cooperation of the poison center 24/7.
Dr. Margalani added that the center offers instructions to patients, directs them to the competent authorities for providing services that patients need by giving them important contact numbers. Also, the center clarifies the role of MOH and offer services to patients directly; or those offered in cooperation with the strategic partnership with other health sectors and public centres concerned with offering services to patients such as Civil Defence and the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.
With regards to the centre’s preparations, Dr. Margalani clarified that the center includes an integrated system of wired and wireless communications, a hot line with the Ministry of Interior, and the latest communication (electronic, visual, and auditory) techniques; for the purpose of fast accessibility for patients’ services nationwide, 24/7.
As for departments, the center comprises Reception and Communication Department, Follow-up Department, Health Services and Telegram Department, Archive and Statistics Department, in addition to a department for operation room and risk management, which was prepared with the latest techniques of visual and auditory communication means all over the Kingdom; as the communication is possible inside the operation room with any event nationwide.
Dr. Margalani pointed out that the center contains a distinguished selection of qualified, skilled team of doctors, emergency and ambulance technicians, nursing staff and administrators working 24/7, during official holidays and all year long. 

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