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WHO Experts Visit Al-Ahsa Today to Exchange Expertise on Corona Virus
11 May 2013
Within the framework of the strenuous efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to exchange expertise on Corona virus, a constellation of consultant experts and officials at the World Health Organization (WHO), who came to the Kingdom in response to the invitation they received from MOH, have visited Al-Ahsa Governorate today morning. They were accompanied by MOH officials headed by the Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, Dr. Ziad Memish.
This was pointed out by the MOH Spokesman, Dr. Khalid Marghalani, indicating that the international team comprises the Assistant Director General of Health Security for WHO in Geneva, Dr. Keiji Vakuda,  and the Director of Communicable Diseases at WHO in Cairo, Dr. Jawad Mahjour, as well as the WHO Representative in the Kingdom, Dr. Mustafa Tayyan.
Within the same vein, the team has conducted several meetings with the concerned bodies at the health sector in Al-Ahsa governorate, and the health practitioners supervising the procedures offered to the infected cases to combat the virus. In addition, some members of the international consultant team, including Prof. Allison Mack Qier from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada, assigned by MOH to complete the treatment protocols and identify the infected cases. Meanwhile, they have discussed the efforts exerted in the epidemic survey, as well as identifying the policies and procedures undertaken in the treatment and prevention of the disease. The team has briefly reviewed the health status and the disease historyfor each case.
After that, the team visited one of the sites in which some caseshave been recorded; as they were briefed on the procedures followed in dealing with patients in the outpatient clinics and the IC units. This team will complete its meeting tonight to pursue the collection of the necessary information for the fact-situation survey.
It is noteworthy that there are other international experts to hail in the coming days to Al-Ahsa Governorate; in order to have a closer look at the situation on the ground; in an endeavor to supplement the efforts exerted in addressing the new virus.

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