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Dr. Ziad Memish Meets the WHO Delegation and Experts from Universities to Exchange Expertise on Coronavirus
10 May 2013
Within the framework of the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Health (MOH), in an endeavor to address the Coronavirus, and as part of the regular coordinating procedures carried out in such cases by MOH with the health authorities and the international experts in the field of viruses and infectious diseases, in order to exchange experiences, benefit from theirs and be guided with their visions, an elite of consultants and specialists from universities, international organizations and bodies, and World Health Organization (WHO) have reached Riyadh.
In the presence of a number of officials of the Public Health Agency and Health Awareness Department, the Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health, Dr. Ziad Memish, has met with the WHO delegation and experts from universities on Thursday morning. During the meeting, the strategies, policies and procedures carried out by MOH to deal with this virus have been reviewed. That is to be added to displaying the efforts of the precautionary and fact-pandemic procedures taken by MOH to reduce its spread. In response, the delegation has lauded these efforts and expressed their confidence in what has been undertaken by MOH.
The delegation will visit tomorrow, Saturday morning, Al-Ahsa Governorate and its health facilities, as well as meeting with the health practitioners involved in the supervision tasks on virus control at Al-Ahsa Health Directorate; in order to exchange of experiences and advices.
It is worth mentioning that the delegation comprises: Dr. Connie Bryce, a consultant in infectious diseases at Denver University, Prof. Trish Burrell, a consultant in infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University, Prof. Paul Tambaya, a consultant in infectious diseases at Singapore University, Prof. Allison Mack Qier from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Canada,Dr. Keiji Vakuda, the Assistant Director General of Health Security for WHO in Geneva, and Dr. Jawad Mahjour, the Director of Communicable Diseases at WHO in Cairo.
Furthermore, it is important to note that the expertsdelegation and the WHO representative delegation will later on meet the members of the MOH Scientific Committee for the Infectious Diseases, which includes a constellation of consultants and specialists from the military, specialized and university hospitalsin the governmental health sectors.



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