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MOH Announces Detection of Three New Corona Virus Injuries
06 May 2013
Within the framework of transparency approach pursued by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in dealing with all mass media, and proceeding from its desire to inform the citizens and residents of the new health information on the epidemic or infectious diseases, including Corona virus (also known as: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS),  MOH has announced detecting three new cases of Corona virus during the past few days in Al-Ahsa Governorate, two of them passed away, May Allah bestow His mercy upon them, while the other case is still and its health status is stable, Allah be praised.
MOH took all the precautionary procedures or measures to tackle all those in contact with the cases, in line with local and international scientific guidelines, by means of taking samples of them; in order to make sure if there are infected cases among them, since so far, 13 cases have been recorded to be injured with this disease.
Within the same vein, the Ministry has pointed out that Corona virus is one of the viruses that affect the respiratory system; representing 15% of the viruses that cause flu in human beings. However, this pattern is new, and there is so far no accurate information worldwide about the source of the virus or its means of transmission. Also, there is no preventive vaccination or antibiotic treatment against this virus.
MOH would like to reassure everyone that the cases are still spread-limited compared to other flu types, and the health status does not cause any concern or panic. Meanwhile, MOH closely follow up the situation, in a manner that ensures the health and safety of this dear homeland and its honored citizens and residents.




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