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WHO: Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital to Be Added to Saudi Health Sector's Achievements
27 April 2013
Dr. Mustafa Tayyan, the WHO representative at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pointed out that as a result of the great efforts exerted by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, and his government, to improve the health of citizens and residents in the Kingdom, citizens in Riyadh city get ready to see a new advanced hospital to be added to the series of health institutions available to citizens and residents in Riyadh, as manifested in the inauguration of Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Hospital. Such a hospital will be furnished with 500 beds, prepared in accordance with the latest global designs, given that 120 beds thereof are allocated for intensive care. Besides, the hospital also includes 63 rooms for emergency, 15 rooms for operations, a pavilion for radiology, a laboratory comprising the latest medical devices.
“There's no controversy that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnesses a healthy renaissance,” affirmed Dr. Tayyan.
“Within the framework of continuous efforts, and unstinting keenness to enhance the health services, in terms of quantity and quality,” he added, “the budget of the health sector has witnessed a steady increase and an exceptional level during the current year that enabled healthy authorities in the Kingdom to develop the health system and made the healthy services available to citizens and residents all over the Kingdom.”
Dr. Tayyan also pointed out that the efforts of officials in the health sector have not concentrated only on quantity, but they concentrated also on quality, in a manner that activates MOH strategy, namely "patient's first". The efforts have concentrated on the "rights of a patient" to make use of high-quality healthy services to be rendered in an appropriate framework that puts the internationally recognized quality standards into considerations and in an environment appropriate to the cultural prospective of beneficiaries.
“Efforts have not targeted only treatment purposes,” said Dr. Tayyan. “Nevertheless, the Kingdom, in the protection field, has managed to develop and activated valued strategies and programs that enabled the Kingdom to render basic services for citizens, based on the needs and priorities of the Kingdom. Such strategies and programs have achieved their purposes and their outcomes have become concrete reality for everyone, for instance, vaccinations as well as prenatal and postnatal examinations have reached high levels. Also, Tuberculosis and Malaria combating programs have recorded remarkable success as mentioned by international experts. Reports indicated that the number of Tuberculosis and Malaria cases has decreased, as the Kingdom endeavors to develop some of such programs with the aim of eradication of some diseases.” He further pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about to achieve the millennium targets of development, and fulfill its obligations in fields related to the health sector.
The MOH representative said, “I would like to congratulate the residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia generally, and the residents of Riyadh city particularly for this new hospital that's to be added to the available hospitals, and I think that this hospital will complete the series of remarkable achievements recorded in the health sector which I have personally witnessed, in my capacity as an official in charge of the health sector, during my existence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”
“Finally, I believe that Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz hospital will definitely have a role in upgrading the health of citizens and residents on this blessed land,” Tayyan concluded.

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