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King Abdullah Approves of Allocating SR 15 Billion to Establish 22 Health Projects
24 April 2013
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, May Allah save him, has given his orders to allocate SR 15.1 billion to establish 22 health projects: 19 medical complexes and a hospital, in addition to three health centers for children's growth and behaviour disorders, to be the first center of its kind in the Kingdom to care for this group. Those facilities will provide a higher level of treatment and healthcare for autistic and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) children. In addition, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques has given his orders stipulating the expropriation of a number of parcels of land to establish health projects, as well as approving many developmental programs for MoH facilities.
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Al Rabeeah, added that the generous directives are progressive to the previous directives to serve the interest of the Ministry of Health projects. In addition, the directives embody the Leader’s keen interest in, and unlimited support to the health sector.
Dr. Al Rabeeah indicated that the MoH is very interested in offering healthcare services in order to achieve inclusiveness, quality, equality, and  accessibility, in accordance with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and His Royal Highness the Second Deputy Prime Minister- may Allah save  them. Moreover, MoH works hard to achieve that, and will get the results of those projects within the few upcoming years- Allah willing.
Dr. Al Rabeeah indicated that the directives include the following:
First: the approval of the following projects:
Project Name:
1.    Raneeh Hospital in Makkah (200 bed–capacity, with housing)
2.    Al Kharmah Hospital in Makkah (200-bed capacity, with housing)
3.    Al-Qunfudah Hospital in Makkah (500-bed capacity, with housing)
4.    Maternity and Children Hospital in Al Madinah, (500-bed capacity, with housing)
5.    A hospital in Badr Province (200-bed capacity, with housing)
6.    A hospital in Almajmaáh (300-bed capacity, with housing)
7.    A hospital in Sharourah (300-bed capacity, with housing)
8.    Al Qitaá Al Jabaly Hospital in Jazan (300-bed capacity, with housing)
9.    Maternity and Children Hospital in Mahayel Asir, (200-bed capacity, with housing)
10.    Al Qatif Hospital (500-bed capacity, with housing)
11.    A hospital in Al Ahsa Province (500-bed capacity, with housing)
12.    A hospital in west Dammam (500-bed capacity, with housing)
13.    Medical Complex in Riyadh (1000-bed capacity, with housing)
14.    Medical Complex in Jeddah (1000-bed capacity, with housing)
15.    Al Qahmah and Al Barak Hospital in Asir (300-bed capacity, with housing)
16.    Growth and behavior disorders center in Riyadh
17.    Growth and behavior disorders center in Makkah
18.    Growth and behavior disorders center in the East Region
19.    Trobah Hospital in Makkah (100-bed capacity, with housing)
20.    Al Mahd Hospital in Al Madinah (200-bed capacity, with housing)
21.    Khamis Mushait Hosptal in Asir (500-bed capacity, with housing)
22.    East Asir Hospital (200-bed capacity, with housing)
Second: Quickly expropriating lands enumerated in the Royal Decree No. 47332, dated 24/10/1433 H; due to the significance to establish the following vital projects:
•    Maternity and Children Medical Tower in Jeddah.
•    Eye Specialist Hospital Medical Tower in Jeddah.
•    Paediatric hospital in Jeddah.
Third: Coordinating with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to expedite the abdication of lands for Prince Sultan Bin AbdulAziz Emergency Hospital, with a capacity of (500) beds and (15) sites for comprehensive clinics in Riyadh; issued by the royal Decree No. 5580, dated 17/8/1433 H. for the Ministry of Health to start executing.
Fourth: coordinating with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to allocate a part of the land specified for King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s Gardens, with an area of (400.000) m2, in order to establish a hospital in west Riyadh with a capacity of (500) beds.
Fifth: coordinating with the Ministry of Education to specify a land for the Ministry of Education located near Prince Mohammed Bin AbdulAziz Hospital (East Riyadh) to establish Al-Yamama Maternity and Children's Hospital, provided that the current land of Al-Yamama Hospital is submitted to the Ministry of Education or what has been agreed to between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education regarding this matter.
Sixth: Expropriating lands near Maternity and Children's Hospital in Al Qatif, with an area of (157.000) m2 to be (250.000)m2; in order to establish Maternity and Children's Hospital in Al Qatif.
Seventh: In case of the unavailability of a suitable land for MoH from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs or the states properties, the approval is given for purchasing a parcel of land in the nearby lands of Riyadh to establish the Mental Health Hospital in Riyadh.
Eighth: Approval of allocating SR to meet the requirements with regard to construction of primary health centres for which appropriations were made in the ministry’s budget to buy lands for primary healthcare centres.
Ninth: The adoption of self-employment system in all MoH hospitals and health centres, as well as the discussion of the MoH request to convert from employment on the first section to self-employment with the Ministry of Finance.
Tenth: the approval of a number of operating programs to develop MoH facilities.
Eleventh: the approval of new criteria for the operation of hospitals which will come into force in a phased manner in coordination with the Ministry of Finance.
Twelfth: sanction to establish a Health Investments Company owned by the Public Investment Fund; the details of which will be urgently discussed including its economic feasibility, objectives, activities and the mechanism of its action between  the Public Investment Fund and the Ministry of Health, to be escalated to His Majesty with the results in light of the system of the Public Investment Fund.
The Minister of Health, on behalf of all MoH officials and health sectors officials, extends his sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince and the Second Deputy Prime Minister, may Allah save them, for supporting the health sector; which will reflect on the health services to meet the aspirations and health needs of citizens and to achieve the desired goals – Allah willing.  The Minister of Health prayed to Allah to save the Leaders to this nation and its people, bestow the bless of security and stability, and grant everyone with health and wellbeing.

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