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Dr. Al-Rabeeah to Preside over the 4th Annual Advisory Meeting for MOH Leaders and Officials
16 April 2013
Wednesday morning 17/4/2013 (corresponding to 7/6/1434H), His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, is to preside over the Fourth Annual Advisory Meeting for MOH Leaders and Officials  in  Regions and  Provinces, to be held in Riyadh. It is to last for two days under the theme “Towards New Form for Health Service at the Ministry of Health.”
The MOH Spokesman, Dr. Khaled bin Mohammad Marghalani, pointed out that this meeting is emanating from the teachings of the Islamic religion which calls for consultation; and in line with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, May Allah protect him, and the principle of dialogue which he laid down and which he urges the officials and citizens to apply. He also affirms the importance of laying down the approach of dialogue and consultation.
Within the same vein, Dr. Marghalani made clear that the Ministry of Health (MOH), under direct supervision and follow-up of the Minister of Health, is interested in the dialogue approach, systematic institutional work based upon scientific plans, sitting at one table away from work pressures to study the challenges and difficulties and discussing ways overcoming these challenges. It is also interested in setting several programs laying down the concept of the integrated and inclusive health care, which affirms the interest, patient safety and gaining their satisfaction, and upgrading the services provided to them.
He went on pointing out that these meetings are to enable the MOH's leaders to apply the introspection way, meditation, and advanced thinking. It is the method adopted in the world prestigious organizations and institutions, known as Retreat. Some time is taken away from work atmosphere during which the meditation and advanced thinking are taken place; to review what took place in the past year, identify the pros and cons, and insufficiency aspects, enhance positive aspects, and work on avoiding negative ones.
He underlined that the meeting is periodically held every year in one of the Kingdom's regions. The Ministry of Health (MOH) adopted the theme "Patient First" and made it part of the MOH;s priorities. Thus, this theme has been tangibly materialized for every citizen and beneficiary from the health services, and has made it of its priorities.
And he made clear that the meeting is a direct communication means with the health leaders, and a continuation of adopting the principle of transparency with regard to dialogue and broaching topics to yield what brings profit to patients. A wide range of issues included on the meeting agenda and related to the patient's service, and their safety are to be discussed.
Also, the obstacles and difficulties facing the health affairs directorates are to be reviewed; and proper solutions are to be put forward in a way that helps, Allah willing, push the health work wheel to achieve our governors' aspirations, May Allah protect them, and fulfill the citizens' health needs.
The meeting agenda is to include a wide range of pivots and papers to be discussed; the most prominent of which are maintenance and how to improve it, shortage of engineering cadres and how to attract and hire them, devices, and drugs, considering challenges, in addition to discussing the “Manpower: Challenges and Solutions” pivot through several papers, of which are contracting, recruitment unit, self-employment, and manpower planning.
Further, the supportive medical programs are to be discussed from several perspectives; the most prominent of which are the pharmacological services upgrading, premature baby care units development initiative, and visiting physicians programs. Also, the patients' rights and relations is one of the main pivots included on the agenda of the fourth advisory meeting.

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