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Dr. Al-Hemeidi Holds a Meeting with Health Affairs Directors of KSA Regions and Provinces
16 April 2013
The Deputy Minister of Health for Curative Services, Dr. AbulAziz Al-Hemeidi, had a meeting this Tuesday morning with the health affairs directors of the Kingdom’s regions and provinces.
Dr. Al-Hemeidi clarified that this meeting aims at identifying obstacles and difficulties encountered by health affairs directors, and finding suitable solutions; in order to enhance and qualify the level of the offered services, and find clear-cut mechanisms to coordinate between the concerned provinces, regions, departments and agencies in the Ministry with regards to directorates' health tasks; whether administrative, financial, technical or medical. That is for the purpose of positively reflecting on beneficiaries of MoH services to achieve the slogan “Patients First”.

Last Update : 17 April 2013 03:44 PM
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