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Eng. Al-Baiz: “MoH Participation in Janadriyah Shows the Quantum Leap of MoH Services”
16 April 2013
The Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Engineering Affairs, Eng. Ahmed Al-Baiz pointed out that the MoH Pavilion at Al-Janadriyah Festival will witness a quantum leap next year – Allah willing; as it specified a parcel of land, where there will be a special two-floor building for the Ministry of Health, including the distinguished participation of all Kingdom’s regions to highlight the latest health services to Janadriyah visitors.
He added, during his visit to the MoH pavilion in Janadriyah, that the participation comes within the framework of introducing the quantum leap witnessed by the services since its foundation until the present. In addition, the MoH, through the pavilion, introduces visitors with the newly adopted programs, such as patient rights and relations, preventative programs, health awareness, and the instant screenings conducted on visitors to reassure about their health status.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Health, represented by Relations, Media and Health Awareness General Department, through its pavilion in Janadriyah Festival (28), has organized an awareness program dubbed: “Life is Health”, which aims at introducing risk factors of having diseases, especially non-communicable diseases and its early diagnosis by distributing an application to all visitors to do the screenings that help evaluate some health matters of visitors. The visitor fills in the application, and then visits the sections according to the application. At the end of the visit, the application is submitted to the Ministry’s delegate.
The application includes the visitor’s contact information, pathological history information, a program of vital signs, obesity program, and osteoporosis program, in addition to other screenings such as blood type, lung capacity test and carbon monoxide test. The visitor can keep the original application.
On the other side, a large number of visitors, especially kids, visited the dentist corner to do the tests and to find out how safe from decay their teeth are. Moreover, there was a turnover on the cultivation of the pancreas corner, health centers, health projects, and patients’ relations and protection from violence and abuse corners received a great turnover from visitors too.
It is worth mentioning that the MoH pavilion in Janadriyah previews the development of health services over different stages, in addition to raising awareness and educating visitors through the activities and the accompanied events.

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