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Dr. Ba-Solaiman Calls upon Janadriyah Visitors to Benefit from MoH Educational Health Programs
13 April 2013
The MOH Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Primary Health Care, Dr. Mohamed bin Omar Ba-Solaiman, called upon the visitors of the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadriyah 28) to benefit from the intensified awareness programs and the health tips and instructions offered by MoH in Janadriyah activities.
During his visit to the MoH Pavilion in Janadriyah, Dr. Ba-Solaiman added that MoH endeavors to direct educational health-awareness massages that would benefit all visitors and other participants.
In the meantime, the MOH Assistant Deputy Minister for Primary Health Care previewed the health-awareness programs participating in the festival. Also, he listened to a detailed presentation about what is offered to visitors by each section, watched some presentations, viewed educational brochures distributed for free to visitors, and checked the other offered programs, such as the free screenings for diabetes and blood pressure.
The MoH Pavilion has witnessed a significant turnout by the visitors of Janadriyah, especially those keen on taking the free screenings for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, osteoporosis, and obesity offered to visitors along with medical consultations addressing all concerns of the visitors by clinics and accompanying activities.  Moreover, the kidney failure section, affiliated to Prince Salman Centre for Kidney Diseases, has offered educational, informational services to visitors as part of the participation of MoH in the National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadriyah 28).
The Supervisor of the Pavilion, Mr. Fahad Al-Showaier, clarified that the center offers many services to the visitors to do the screenings of kidney functions and display the (artificial kidney) device. He stated that the section offers the artificial kidney device for patients with kidney failure, who depend on hemodialysis operations; in order to introduce visitors with the suffering of kidney failure patients during haemodialysis. In addition, the section offers a service to do screenings of kidney functions for visitors by sending samples to the center’s labs and report the positive results to them via phone calls, as well as offering medical consultation to those who need it.
He went on to add that the section presents, also, a brief presentation about the function of kidneys, other helpful information to educate visitors, as well as distributing educational booklets about kidney failure and its causes. Moreover, they offer an introduction to social services of the center to its patients such as transferring them to charitable organizations, Patient Friends Committee, Ministry of Social Affairs and Prince Fahad bin Salman Charity Association for Renal Failure Patients Care.

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