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Dr. Al-Mazrou: “Architectural and Structural Criteria Considered in the Final Designs of the MOH Building at Janadriyah
09 April 2013
The Deputy Minister of Health for Supply and Engineering Affairs, Dr. Salah al-Mazrou, has affirmed that the final designs of the MOH's building at Janadriyah have been completed, and that all the architectural and structural criteria have been well taken into account.
Upon his visit to the MOH Pavilion at the 28th Janadriyah Festival for Heritage and Culture, al-Mazrou was quoted as saying, “The MOH's building at Janadriyah is commensurate to the MOH's mission, centered on health education, and organizing health-awareness programs and activities for guests.”
He went on to say that the Ministry of Health, for the first time in this year's Janadriyah Festival, has attracted specialist and consultant physicians at operation rooms, who conducted live experiments before guests, of which everybody was impressed.
“The Ministry has established a theater, annexed to the pavilion, through which it delivers educational and health-awareness messages to guests, and specialists give awareness lectures for children, in addition to paving the way for them to participate with ideas, and embracing the healthy habits most needed by this age group,” Dr. al-Mazrou continued. “That's to be added to organizing competitions and awarding winners.”
Dr. al-Mazrou has honored winners, and handed awards out. 
For his part, Mr. Turki Abdullah al-Malki, Supervisor of the Protection against Violence and Abuse Program, has stated that the Protection against Violence and Abuse, annexed to the MOH Pavilion participating in Janadriyah 28, provides several services, including preventive and awareness brochures, and a big mural that reads: “Together against Violence and Abuse”, on which visitors are to write phrases condemning violence. That's to be added to providing family tips on how to address cases of violence and abuse, in quest for diminishing violence, as much as possible. The corner, besides, tackles how to deal with people with special needs, by way of the sign language. There are also screens displaying photos of actual violence cases. In addition, the corner offers valuable awards for guests, and organizes a competition for writing an essay on violence and abuse. Another competition is organized by the corner revolving around information included in the brochures, aside from caricatures on violence and abuse displayed here and there at the corner to make the concept even clearer for the public.
It should be noted that a number of Child Protection against Violence and Abuse Centers, pertinent to the Ministry of Health, is disseminated on all the Kingdom's regions and provinces. These centers receive notifications on violence against children cases, and enter them to the National Register for Violence and Abuse Cases, all of which are pertinent to the Mental and Social Health General Department.




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