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Dr. Khoshaim Presides over the 2nd Hajj Preparatory Committee Meeting
08 April 2013
His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health for Planning and Development, Chief of the Hajj Preparatory Committees, Dr. Mohammad Bin Hamza Khoshaim, presided on Monday morning at his office in the Ministry of Health over the second meeting with the Hajj Preparatory Committees. During the meeting, they reviewed a number of topics on the agenda, the Committees’ workflow concerning preparation for the next Hajj season; and they followed up the procedures and work conducted during the stages of preparation and execution.
Hajj Preparation Committees have discussed the presentation presented by the Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Curative Services, which was about the performance of Poison Control Center in Makkah and Madinah during the upcoming Hajj season to support it with equipment and workforce. In addition, they have viewed the applied mechanism of the (Screening Program for Bus Drivers) during Hajj seasons, which has achieved great success since it was first applied over the previous six years since 1428H. Screening Program for Bus Drivers has immensely contributed to reducing the rate of traffic accidents, and received much acclaim and many awards such as the Certificate of Appreciation and Excellence from the Governorates of Makkah and Madinah.
During the meeting, listed projects of the current year 1434H have been discussed, whereupon projects of high priority have been determined.
This meeting comes within the Ministry’s pursuit to early preparations to provide the best health services to pilgrims and identify the needs and requirements of the 1434-Hajj season.
For his part, the Supervisor General of Hajj and Umrah Health Services, Dr. Hussein Ghannam, indicated that the committees’ workflow is proceeding in accordance with the policies and measures that have been approved, throughout the accumulated experiences acquired during Hajj seasons. Also, he indicated that the Ministry of Health has been harnessing all its capabilities and powers in order to serve pilgrims by the early Hajj season preparation for all operated health facilities of hospitals and health centres in the Holy Sites.
It is worth mentioning that MOH had offered distinguished medical services to pilgrims in the last Hajj season of 1433H. The total number of beneficiaries was 504.071; in addition to 16066 who had been offered field medicine health services, whereas about 4514 patients had been hospitalized. In the field of specific operations, 463 cardiac catheterization operations had been conducted. Moreover, 42 open-heart surgeries had been operated, 3112 dialysis sessions, and 32 endoscopies, as well as 10 birth delivery cases.
The Ministry has provided 25 hospitals, with the capacity of 5250 beds, 9 of which offer their services in Madinah and 7 hospitals are in Makkah; in addition to King Abdullah Medical City. Also, 8 other hospitals were prepared to serve pilgrims in the Holy Sites. 141 health centres constantly and seasonally support those hospitals in Hajj areas. There are 43 health centres in Makkah, 80 health centres in the Holy Sites, 46 health centres in Arafat, 6 in Muzdalifah, 28 in Mina Area, and 12 health centres in Madinah.
Furthermore, 20.000 health workers (doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators) were appointed to serve pilgrims; 16.000 units of blood and blood products were provides, as well as 175 ambulances; in order to insure offering distinguished, accessible health services at all pilgrims' residence and agglomeration areas. During 1433H Hajj season, the Ministry had attracted (320) specialists and consultants into the Kingdom in the fields of intensive care, emergency, cardiology, respiratory therapy, emergency and intensive care nursing; in order to support health facilities in Makkah, the Holy Sites and Madinah.

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