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MOH: “The Story Published by 'Sabq' Newspaper Is a Preliminary Report .. Legal Action to Be against this Inconvenient Publication”
28 March 2013

Referring to what the electronic newspaper “Sabq” has published on 27th March, 2013 (corresponding to 15th Jumada Al-Oula, 1434H) under the title: "Director of Makkah Health Affairs Still in Office Despite his 12-year Suspension”, the Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to declare that this news story is a preliminary report that had been issued by the Emirate of Makkah in 1422H. Moreover, a wide committee was formed at that time by the order of Emir of Makkah Region, that comprised members of the Emirate of Makkah region, the Administrative Investigation and the Ministry of Health. Upon the extensive investigations, the committee has concluded that none of the charges has been proved against the Director of Makkah Health Affairs, Dr. Khalid Zafar. The committee went even further to consider the procedures taken by Dr. Zafar a personal endeavor targeting the public interest, which deserved to be thanked for, rather than  punished.
Within the same vein, MOH would like to point out upon raising this issue again that it has participated with the committee formed under the Royal Decree in 1428. Subsequently, the Control and Investigation Board (CIB) has issued a letter in 1431, disclaiming any serious administrative irregularities; they are merely administrative remarks not rising to administrative irregularities.

Based on the above, MOH will take the legal action stipulated by the regulations against this inconvenient publication; in an endeavor to preserve the rights of the Ministry and its employees.



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