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8 Hospitals Approved to Be Operated by the Self-Employment Program
07 March 2013
As part of this year's MOH budget, eight hospitals have been approved to be operated through the Self-Employment Program, to be added to 91 MOH hospitals operated on this program, aiming at activating the saudization and replacement program. Also, self-employment program optimally helps utilize human resources due to its flexibility when employing and attracting highly qualified and skilled cadres; which contributes to improving and qualifying services offered to patients to reflect the Ministry’s slogan (Patient First).
The Supervisor General of MOH Self-Employment Program, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Khedr, pointed out that the Ministry has specified 4 appointments to announce job vacancies and occupations of self-employment program, which would be on 15 Muharram, 15 Rabie II, 15 Rajab, and 15 Shawwal of each year. Committees in health regions will be receiving requests, commencing interviews, trade-offs and nominations under a direct supervision of the MOH General Department.
Dr. Khedr placed particular emphasis on the fact that self-employment jobs are considered government jobs, characterized by job stability and security. Self-employment employees enjoy many privileges such as training, scholarships, promotions and retirement. He underscored the Department’s keen interest in attracting qualified and skilled competencies to present satisfactory services to patients, pointing out that the Ministry has granted scholarships to its employees to obtain higher degrees. Moreover, the Ministry has sent specialized teams to contract with students on scholarships in the United States and Europe to attract them and hire them in the Ministry; the results were excellent as they proved to be very successful with a big number of the contractors.
In addition, Dr. Khedr indicated that the Ministry is keen on assuring that self-employment programs are attractive and satisfactory to employees. To that end, a specialized committee was formed to evaluate the experience and identify its strengths, to be enhanced, and weaknesses, to be avoided. That was achieved in coordination and cooperation with health affairs directorates; shedding some light on the workshops and forums organized by the directorate in order to promote communication, introduce participants with the directorate, and achieve a progressive advancement.

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