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MOH Announces Launching the Comprehensive Survey to Determine the Population’s Health Status
03 March 2013
The Assistant Deputy Minister of Primary Health Care, Dr. Muhammad bin Omar Ba-Suleiman, has unveiled that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has implemented the first phase of preparation for conducting a comprehensive health survey for the Kingdom’s population through the primary healthcare centers disseminated all over our dear homeland. That is to be added to embarking on the implementing procedures; such that every primary health care center is to conduct the health survey for the residents in its region.
Dr. Ba-Suleiman went on adding that this health survey comes within the framework of the primary health care strategy for the next phase; in order to identify the citizens’ health problems and the family and social-health problems facing each family. Hence, Dr. Ba-Suleiman has indicated that the results of this survey can provide the necessary health data or information for every family, which helps in the process of upgrading the proposed health programs as well as planning to improve such services provided in the primary health care centers.
For his part, the Director General of Health Centers and Programs Affairs, Dr. Issam Al-Ghamdi, has underscored that MOH allocated the necessary funds of the current year’s budget to start Health Survey, which will pursue the methods and tools applied in the Kingdom’s population survey, by means of visiting homes and recording all the required information. Dr. Al-Ghamdi has further noted that the survey will include the health aspects of Saudi society through health centers.
Moreover, Dr. Al-Ghamdi has pointed out that data files of those people included in the Health Survey will be renewed automatically in their health centers during the visit. Thus, the age groups and health problems will be identified at each health center; in order to allow the health center to conduct its preventive and curative programs that are commensurate with the needs of the population and the district. Dr. Al-Ghamdi kept on adding that this health survey is proposed to be implemented periodically every 4-5 years, pointing out that this survey will contribute to collectingthe health information and data of each family, as well as moving them in the future to the e-mail file linked to the national identity.

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