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Dr. Al-Mazrou: “MOH Is Seeking to Achieve Integrative Interdepartmental Work”
06 February 2013
​The Deputy Minister of Health for the Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs, Dr. Salah Al-Mazrou‘, has underscored the importance of contracts department in the governmental sectors, given its responsibility for honesty, transparency, speed of performance, saving the public money and ensuring spending it in the proper place and time and for the right rate of price and quality.
He has expounded that both of the Contracts and Procurement General Department and the Medical Supply General Department stand out as integrative departments to one another. Therefore the Ministry of Health (MOH) is seeking to make both of them as one league; in an endeavor to achieve the speed of accomplishing the tasks assigned to them, away from the bureaucracy, meanwhile easing the great pressure on each of them. This was pointed out during the workshop held yesterday morning in Riyadh which was organized by the Training Center of the MOH General Training and Scholarship Department, in cooperation with the Contracts and Procurement General Department, under the theme: “Role of the Contracts and Procurement General Department in Reducing Tender Cancellation and Avoiding Extending Contracts for Continuing Services”.
Dr. Al-Mazou has called for reconsidering in-force contracts,   in coordination with the officials of the Contracts and Procurement General Department and the Supply General Department;  in order to reach the appropriate approaches, as well as helping to overcome the obstacles encountering these departments, particularly the Contracts and Procurement General Department. Besides, he expressed his fully willingness to meet all the needs of the Contracts and Procurement General Department all over the Kingdom’s regions.
Dr. Al-Mazrou kept on adding that the success of any department stands out a success of all departments, noting that this meeting is to be followed by many other ones, under the directives of MOH officials; in order to the achieve the joint integrated action which we all as well as MOH aspire to.
The Deputy Minister of Health for the Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs has directed the participants in the workshop to the importance of the regular communication with the officials throughout the regions and governorates and the incessant follow-up of the workflow as well as fulfilling it properly, in a manner that achieves speedy accomplishment; considering the expected positives to contribute to overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of its implementation, and to achieve the MOH aspirations through the maximum integrated performance towards reaching its objectives.
It is worth mentioning that this workshop discussed three main topics; reviewing the discussion progress, the role of the Contracts and Procurement General Department in accelerating its procedures and avoiding the reasons leading to hindering and delaying the awarding of tenders, as well as  touching the trend towards the use of the electronic technology for all business.

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