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Dr. Al Rabeeah Receives a Number of (KSMC) Leaders for Obtaining JCI Accreditation
26 January 2013
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, asserted on the significance of the attainment of patients’ satisfaction and the provision of high-quality health services, in accordance with the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to provide health care services for citizens; proceeding from the staunch belief that nothing overrides the health of citizens. That's to be added to the significance of exerting sincere efforts to meet health needs of citizens and enhancing the level of the Ministry’s performance according to the National Project for Integrated and Comprehensive Health Care and the MOH strategic plan.
His Excellency received this morning at his office in the Ministry Headquarter the Supervisor-General of King Saud Medical City (KSMC), Dr. Nabil Al Gosaibi, and a number of (KSMC) leaders on the occasion of obtaining the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards for Hospitals; stating that this certificate is considered an achievement to be added to the Ministry’s achievements. Thus, the total number of accredited hospital throughout the past four years has mounted to 66 hospitals and medical centers obtaining local and international accreditation certificates; 16 of which have obtained international accreditation.
His Excellency congratulated and expressed his thanks to all of the (KSMC) employees for the efforts they have exerted through the past two years; which contributed – with Allah's guidance – to accomplishing this achievement aiming at serving patients, attaining their satisfaction and sustaining their health and well-being; besides the consolidation of quality principles and the obligation of patient safety standards; carrying out the MOH motto: “Patient First”. In addition, the City was selected to be a global model for implementing the international standards.
His Excellency declared that KSMC will be an integrated medical city covering all medical specialties. Its second tower, about to be completed, is designated for Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital, besides the projects executed therein, which are the accredited specialist towers in the general scheme of the City, to which an area of 86.000 square meters has been added. It includes 5 towers, with a total area of 207.000 square meters, and a total bed capacity of 1400 beds. It is projected to be an integrated medical city, covering all medical specialties.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah went on to say, “The KSMC obtaining the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCI) is of substantial significance for patients; this means that 1210 standards have been implemented to ensure safety and availability of a healthy, safe environment for patients and beneficiaries from the Medical City’s services.”
It is worthwhile to mention that KSMC in Riyadh has deservedly acquired the JCI Accreditation due to the excellence of quality and safety programs. JCI is considered the global pioneer in accrediting health care institutions and patient safety, as a result of its competence in providing health services and implementing global performance standards, as well as enhancing patients’ services in accordance with the MOH's approaches.
For his part, the Deputy Minister of Health for Planning and Development, Dr. Mohammad Bin Hamza Khoshaim, indicated that the quality, accreditation and patient safety programs currently implemented by MOH are considered a strategic objective of the MOH; as it witnesses a comprehensive developmental movement in all health and medical facilities and services. The Ministry pays thorough attention to meeting the standards of international health organizations and entities in order to provide high quality health services that would meet the expectations of the Leaders of this country; and fulfill the health needs of citizens. He pointed out that the MOH has adopted a set of integrated, purposeful health and competence programs, aiming at supporting the projects of improving and developing medical performance in all its facilities, by means of the National Project for Integrated and Comprehensive Health Care.
It is worth mentioning that 66 hospitals and health centers acquired accreditation certificates, 16 of which acquired the international accreditation; whereas 50 hospitals acquired the local accreditation certificate after excessive efforts and constant work to accomplish many improvements and adopt international standards, qualifications and specifications consistent to international requirements applied by prominent health facilities. The City is abiding by the JCI 14 axes, comprising 318 standards, using 1210 measures. These standards are divided into two sections: the first one concentrates on patient safety, provision of continuous health care, rights of patients and their families, in addition to patients’ evaluation, the ways to care for them, anesthetization, surgical care, drugs management and use, educating patients and their families. That’s after 166 standards and 653 qualification components. Those qualified components help guarantee the provision of a safe environment for patients, workers, visitors and beneficiaries of services; and ensure the implementation of facilities to constant improvements.
As for the second section, it concentrates on managing the health care institution, improving quality and patient safety, protection against and combating infections. In addition, it focuses on leadership and management, institution management and safety, employee’s qualifications and training, information management and communication through 152 standards and 557 qualification components.
It should be noted that the MOH is currently directing 13 hospitals for evaluation by (JCI), as well as directing 40 hospitals foe assessment by the Central Board for Accreditation of Health Institutions (CBAHI). Thus, the total is 119 hospitals. Moreover, 20 private hospitals have acquired local and international accreditation certificates.

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