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MOH Closes 10 Medical Complexes for Violations
15 January 2013
    Within the framework of the safety policies meant to improve the services provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah, has approved the decision of closing ten medical complexes during the past month (Safar) in Riyadh, due to their non-compliance with the Private Health Institutions System.
As part of MOH adopted plan of monitoring through the periodic inspection tours, the Private Health Institutions Irregularities Committee at Riyadh Health Affairs General Directorate, has detected and verified of these irregularities after observing them during its field visit and studying their cases. Whereas the Committee found out that these medical complexes could not provide the health services in the required manner in accordance with the health standards that must be followed. Subsequently, they could not be let to continue in their current situations, so as to maintain the health of the individual and community.
Based on Article 23 of the Private Health Institutions System, and its executive regulations, the decision stipulated the closure of these medical complexes and keeping them shut down until they redress their irregularities and violations to be compatible with the system. This decision has been endorsed after the committee has verified of these irregularities, its circumstances and causes as well as the irrefutable evidences upon which it relies for punishing these complexes with its disciplinary or penal sanction. 
These irregularities detected varied from one complex to another: in some complexes there wasn't emergency department, other complexes were proven to have shortage of tools in the ambulance department or improperly equipped, aside from the unavailability of ambulances or the termination of license in some other complexes. In addition, the irregularities included the lack of radiology technicians, or staffing unlicensed technicians, as well as unavailability of lab specialists.
In the same vein, the committee has observed other irregularities, including the lack of the required cadres, the shortage of licensed ones or recruiting them without licenses in these complexes. Besides, some of these complexes were working with one clinic, and unauthorized advertising brochures and the lack of dressings or bandages have been observed in other ones.
MOH confirmed that it would not tolerate any private health institution violating the health regulations and system. It will be taking the maximum punitive action against them to ensure the non-recurrence of these irregularities, in order to maintain the safety and security of recipients of the health services.
Over and above, MOH is calling upon all private medical complexes and institutions to abide by the system and supply all proper equipment needed for achieving the objective for which they are established, as well as providing all licensed medical and technical cadres that meet the patients' needs and cope with MOH directives and strategies aiming at serving the patients, gaining their satisfaction and maintaining their health and safety. It is noteworthy that this decision comes as part of the MOH development efforts to upgrade the level of performance throughout all public and private health sectors.

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