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WHO Renews its Accreditation for the Saudi National Polio Laboratory
08 January 2013

​The World Health Organization (WHO) renewed it accreditation for the Saudi National Polio Laboratory for 2012. After it obtained high marks in testing of excellence and achieving the required standards, stipulated by the World Health Organization (WHO); in order to grant such an accreditation.

Thus, the world Health Organization lauded the major contributions, made by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in the Kingdom; to boost up the global polio eradication initiative. Also, it lauded the efforts exerted by those working in the laboratory, and their contribution to keeping the laboratory performing its activates with a high level of quality.

Within the same vein, the WHO'S accreditation for the National Polio Laboratory comes at the heels of the prominent development of the performance level in terms of providing the best, distinctive laboratory services for citizens. It also highlights the Laboratory' interest and dedication to obtaining the most prestigious international recognition certificates.

It is noteworthy to mention that the National Polio Laboratory has effectively contributed to obtaining the Kingdom the international certificate. Also, it is a reference laboratory in the Kingdom and the Middle East.

Further, the Ministry of Health seeks to upgrade its health services, raise the level of the patients' safety, and adhere to the global performance standards, and entrench the quality principles; hence "Patient Comes First" comes into play. As such, ten of the MOH's hospitals obtained accreditation certificates from the American Joint Commission for Accreditation. In addition, 30 hospitals have obtained the national accreditation certificate; and the remainder of the hospitals is on their way to be accredited according to set timeline.

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