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Dr. Al-Rabeeah Urges the Internal Audit Department's Employees towards Professionalism, Transparency and Performance Development
22 December 2012
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabeeah urged the employees of the internal audit departments, in all the Kingdom's regions and governorates in the Ministry of Health (MOH), towards abiding by high professionalism and clear transparency in a fair way. 
This is with the goal of changing the work of the internal audit departments from baseless reasoning to codified professional work, and according to policies and procedures distinguished with clarity and justice.
This statement was made during his meeting, on Saturday, with the directors of the internal audit departments in the Kingdom's health regions and governorates.
He went on to affirm the importance of moving in the second phase from routine, stereotypical monitoring phase to developing the systems and work policies. This in turn facilitates the speed of performing work according to just professionalism that put those benefitting from the Ministry at the core of its interest.
In addition to this, they work on assessing the procedures that need to be modified and which could cause some disorder. Also, they are to work on identifying areas of disorder, and in which area it takes place; in order to know whether it takes place because of some individuals in need of having their skills developed or because of a system in need of being modified.
Dr. Al-Rabeeah said, “The Ministry of Health (MOH) supports the distinguished and anyone works on honing their skills and takes the initiative to provide services realizing the aspirations of our governors and satisfying citizens and those benefitting from them. Be sure that I support you and always seek to encourage the hard-working. And I am optimistic in light of what I touched in terms of your strong desire for change, development and distinction.”
He further added that the success criterion of the internal audit departments is associated with lessening and reducing the complaints and notes of the citizens and regulatory bodies. He went on to point out that it is incumbent on them to work in a professional way, and to follow an institutional work distinguished with innovation and adopting the successful initiatives; along with correcting and helping others in order to keep away from making mistakes.
For his part, Mr. Saud Al-Rafeeah, the supervisor-general of the Follow-up General Department, Internal Audit and Inventory Monitoring Department in the Ministry of Health (MOH) made clear that the environment and infrastructure provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH) through its limitless support encouraging innovation and development.
As such, the Department, since its establishment and till now, had a lot of expertise with regard to the field work which will contribute to putting forward a set of useful recommendations, in the interest of developing administration work or health facilities work.
And Al-Rafeeah said "the Internal Audit Department made a lot of achievements which it takes pride on, but they do not live up to the MOH's ambitions as we have great ambitions and serious challenges. 
But we all seek to live up to the MOH's expectations; in order to realize the aspirations of the MOH's leading figures. This is through our focus on innovation and distinction, which are the MOH's habit.
For his part, Dr. Mohammed Abu Habshah, the director-general of the Internal Audit General Department, said that the Internal Audit Department had tasks, roles, and responsibilities; and as such, it seeks through its work to stop transgressions and irregularities if it existed.
He went on to point out "any work is filled with mistakes whether because of enthusiasm and rash in doing some jobs, or because of oversight and complacency in performing these jobs.
In addition, the work system, in general, is not linked to a single individual, but to many entities; hence a mistake or some transgressions could take place in any phases."
And he added that the Internal Audit Department convenes with the audit departments in other areas periodically or quarterly; in order to have a look on the reports coming from the audit directors and discuss the latest developments, plans, and programs set by the Ministry of Health.
He also made clear that the MOH's Internal Audit Department cooperates with the other regulatory bodies outside the Ministry of Health (MOH), through communicating with them and providing all what they ask for in terms of information and data, and helping them obtain it.
This is in order to achieve the goal we all seek, for the general interest, as they are partners along in supporting the march of the health work in our country.

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