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MOH Wins the Gold Shield Award for Excellence, and the Patent in Social Responsibility
18 December 2012
​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has won the Gold Shield Award for Excellence as being the best government institution supporting the social responsibility in the Arab world, that’s to be added to the fact that it is the only Arab ministry winning a specific award for the health of citizens and residents. Besides, it gained a patent certificate in the field of social responsibility, received by the Director-General of the office of the Minister of Health, Mr. Saad Al-Mefarreh.
This honoring came within the framework of the awards ceremony during which the excellence awards were handed out to the activists and supporters of social responsibility in the Arab world, at the grand ceremony organized by the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility and Tatweej Academy for Excellence Awards on Saturday, December 15, 2012, in Dubai, in the presence of a number of senior government officials and Arab diplomats
This award has come in recognition of MOH’s strenuous efforts in laying the foundations of health services and providing them throughout the different health facilities to each citizen and resident in our beloved kingdom. the Ministry is sparing no effort to supply the distinguished citizens with the best health service of its preventive, curative, diagnostic and rehabilitative domains, within the framework of the unstinting support of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Highness the Crown Prince – May Allah protect them –to the health services, and in line with MOH’s directions; in an endeavor to serve the patients, improve the services provided to them and gain their satisfaction.
For his part, in his address before the ceremony, the head of the Arab Organization for Social Responsibility, Pierre Moukarzel said: "The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia is a model in preserving the health of citizens and residents and maintaining their well-being. In the same vein, it organized recently many awareness campaigns which surpassed 11 campaigns.”
Moukarzel kept on adding that among the prominent campaigns launched by the Ministry are those related to health awareness dedicated for the health of visitors and residents, the health provisions of pilgrims, vaccines as well as the interest in the health of women and children and ensuring the effective and proper medicines and the advanced medical equipment.
It is worth mentioning that the award aims to encourage the public and private sectors (government and private institutions) to do their best in the area of social responsibility, and play their role in contribution to sustainable development, environment protection and community service through their participation in the awareness events, supporting the economy, achieving the development targets and social work foundation as well as focusing on this concept to be the culture of the community; so as to upgrade the concept of social responsibility at the local level, moving to the strategic concept level in the Arab governments transactions, aside from strengthening this concept through the prudent management and mainstreaming this culture via all available means.

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