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Dr. Memish Presents the Supervisor-General of Anti-Smoking Program with the WHO Award
08 December 2012
The MOH Undersecretary of Public Health, Dr. Ziad Memish, in the presence of the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Mustafa Tayyan, handed over, this morning, the Supervisor-General of MOH Anti-Smoking Program, Dr. Majed bin Abdullah Al-Menaif, the WHO Award for his  tobacco control efforts.
Dr. Mustafa Tayyan lauded MOH’s achievements, especially those related to the Anti-Smoking Program, which resulted in issuing a decision of banning smoking in public places from the relevant authorities of all the Kingdom's airports, penalizing the violators, as well as posting warning images on the cigarettes packs, showing the complications and serious impacts of smoking. Besides, Dr. Tayyan shed light on MOH’s role in reducing this phenomenon among young men and women, meanwhile wishing to Al-Menaif further efforts; so as to achieve the goals set by the Ministry of Health within the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Last Update : 23 December 2012 03:18 PM
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