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Dr. Merghalani Lauds the Council of Ministers' Resolution Moving the School Health General Department to MOH
05 December 2012
The MOH Spokesman, and Director General of Relations, Media and Health Awareness, Dr. Khaled bin Mohamed Marghalani, has lauded the Council of Ministers' Resolution stipulating moving the School Health General Department and school health centers to the Ministry of Health (MOH). This resolution is considered a new manifestation of the keen interest of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, May Allah protect them,  in achieving consolidation of efforts, and providing comprehensive and integrated healthcare for all citizens of all age groups, as well as maintaining the unification and integration of school health services.
Dr. Merghalani stated that the Ministry is resolute on promoting the current plans and programs established by the Ministry of Education in the field of school health. The Ministry will also make every effort to reinforce the young generations' health through the primary healthcare centers (now mounting to 2109 centers), in addition to the hospitals spread throughout the Kingdom. There will also be joint plans meant to realize consolidation of both ministries' efforts in the provision of high quality health services for our students, which will, at large, be reflected in promoting the whole community's health. Merghalani was quoted as saying, “Underway is coordination between teams formed by both ministries to put the resolution into effect, and take the proper procedures thereof: by setting a plan for the implementation of the resolution and applying the formerly agreed upon actions. 

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