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MOH's Statement on Coronavirus Developments, and Affirms: “Situation Is Reassuring”
20 November 2012
   In continuation of the MOH's colossal efforts in epidemiological surveillance of all the infectious diseases, and within the framework of its endeavors to maintain the health and safety of citizens and residents, and in line with the approach of transparency adopted by the Ministry with all the citizens and media, and seeking to make all people informed of the developments with regard to these diseases, the Ministry would like to announce the detection of a coronavirus infection in a citizen detained at one of Riyadh's hospitals. It was suspected that he got infected with virus, and immediately the necessary examinations and tests were conducted to him at the Ministry's laboratories. In addition, the sample was sent to one of the specialized laboratories outside the Kingdom.
The results proved that the case is positive; immediately the Ministry took all the precautionary procedures and measures to tackle such a case, in line with the scientific and medical norms, and the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). Also, this is according to the standards adopted by the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases, which includes within its membership specialized consultants, representing all the health governmental sectors.
Furthermore, the Ministry would like to make clear that the patient received the proper treatment and got recovered; and his health status is so reassuring that it does not cause concern anymore. That's to say, these cases are individual, and most of those infected by such a virus recover, Allah willing, after providing them with the supportive treatment, appropriate for these cases, just like the all viruses inflecting the respiratory system, such as seasonal influenza, among others.
Besides, the Ministry would like to reassure all citizens that it will continue to follow up the developments of the virus in coordination with the international and regional medical organizations and authorities. May Allah protect our country from all evils, and grant all of us everlasting health and strength.

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