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Eng. Al-Shaikh Appointed as Director General of Health Projects
14 November 2012
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Rabeeah, issued a decree appointing Eng. Saadbin Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Shaikh to undertake the responsibilities of the Director General of Health Projects for one year from as of 24/12/1433H (corresponding to 9/11/2012.)
Eng. SaadAl Ash-Shaikhhas extended his thanks and appreciation to his Excellency for the appreciated trust bestowed on him, praying for Almighty Allah to help him undertake the responsibilities of his new position. Besides, he confirmed on the continuity of his hard work to serve the beloved kingdom and citizens and contribute to serving patients and gaining their satisfaction.
Eng. SaadAl Al-Shaikh is one of the national competencies. As he holds a BS in Civil Engineering, Department of  Petroleum, from the University of Colorado, State of Colorado, USA. He has held a number of administrative positions where he served as an Assistant Director of Supervision Department in the Developmental Projects Center at the Ministry of the Interior. Then, he worked as a Director of Projects and Maintenance Department at King Fahd Medical City. After that, he was appointed as a Director-General of Health Centers Projects Department in the General Directorate of Projects & Engineering Affairs at the Ministry of Health.

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