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Al-Dahsh: 48.000 Meals Provided by Mina Emergency Hospital, with the Safety Standards Considered
29 October 2012
   An official source at Mina Emergency Hospital has announced that the number of meals provided by the hospital's nutrition section to patients and their families has mounted to over 48.000 meals, with full compliance with safety and quality standards.
For his part, the director of nutrition sector at Mina Emergency Hospital, Mr. Saad bin Suliman Al-Dahsh, said that meals are prepared by a team specialized in nutrition, benefitting from high-quality health and nutrition programs, under ongoing supervision using monitoring cameras; a technology adopted this year for the first time. Cameras have been distributed on 18 spots to provide around-the-clock oversight. 
“The nutritional services provided by the section have been distinctive, Thank Allah,” Al-Dahsh said. “The included, also, preparing trucks with food commodities to accompany patient pilgrims when moving them to Mount Arafat. That's to be added to providing meals for scouts, security teams and those who help pilgrims circumambulate the Ka'bah (mutawifeen), in addition to offering heat exhaustion meals at the emergency section around the clock. Moreover, 8 cooling units and 68.000 health water bottles have been disseminated.”
It is noteworthy, His Excellency the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, has launched the Food Control System at the Holy Sites' hospitals by means of monitoring cameras this year for the first time. It allows monitoring the keeping and preparation of food, and this monitoring could be conducted through the monitoring devices or the internet. Dr. Al-Rabeeah lauded the colossal efforts made by the nutrition section in its quest to provide best-quality nutritional services.

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