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Dr. Al-Malki: 31 Dialysis Cases Conducted at Mina Al-Share' Al-Jadeed
29 October 2012
   The Director of Mina Al-Share' Al-Jadeed Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Al-Malki, pointed out that the number of cases which underwent dialysis operations in hospital reached (31) cases, of various nationalities, till the morning of 28/10/2012. The section had been provided with four dialysis machines, and the section is staffed by a team made up of two advisory physicians and four dialysis technicians.
Al-Maliki pointed out that a number of unique latest machines have been supplied during the Hajj, to the effect that the machine is not in need of water-treatment plants. In addition, it can be moved from a place to another easily and smoothly, and the odds of infection-transmitting are almost zero.
For his part, the kidney consultant, Dr. Bra'a Fayez Rajab, advised kidney patients that the great physical strain, during the Hajj, could have a major effect on the kidney, as the secretions resulting from the muscular strain are poisons; and a great deal of them are disposed through the urine secretions. Hence, in case of dialysis, these poisons gather inside the body, and are hard to get rid of them. This in turn affects the patient's life. Furthermore, in the event that the kidney functions properly, it can be treated through fluids; and in the event of dialysis, the patient needs to have dialysis session conducted to them urgently, and continues for a long period. And these infections, whether bacterial or viral, could lead to the fluid shortage and low blood pressure or salt imbalance.
He went on adding that having common intestinal, vomit, and diarrhea, in case of having contaminated foods, also leads to lowering blood pressure as a result of the great shortage of fluids, and the patient could sustain a severe setback in the kidney functions. However, as long as the dialysis patients do not share the same degree of ailment, then the ability to go on the Hajj, from medical perspective, is governed by the patient's health status.

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