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Dr. Esseiri: High-Efficiency Isolation Rooms for Discovered Infectious Cases among the Pilgrims
29 October 2012
   Dr. Abdullah bin Mefreh Esseiri, head of the Hajj Infection Control Committee, pointed out that the Committee follows up the discovered infectious cases among the pilgrims for tuberculosis and chickenpox diseases; and the preventive procedures taken during the treatment to prevent their spread.
He went on pointing out that isolating the patients suspected of getting injured with tuberculosis or chickenpox is taken place in the designated ten rooms, known as the mobile respiratory isolation rooms, which were introduced last year. And they were distributed to the Holy Sites and Makkah hospitals according to the existence of pilgrims; referring that another new 25 rooms will be added in the next year.
Dr. Esseiri added that the mobile respiratory isolation rooms are linked to a device consisting of high-efficiency filters to purify the air from bacteria. In addition, he made clear that having access to these rooms is taken place according to a specific mechanism to prevent leaking the air outside it, where the patient is committed to it for three days to have their cases monitored and followed up. Then, they are taken out of it either for the general sections or outside the hospital according to the patient's health status.
Furthermore, Dr. Esseiri referred that the patients suspected of getting injured with tuberculosis cannot be confirmed yet, only after conducting more of TB- related laboratory analyses, which take a specific time period. He also confirmed that so far, no single case has been discovered among the pilgrims; and the same goes for chickenpox and Al-Khurma fever.
And he added that there are diseases requiring isolation in a single room as those existed in all hospitals; in order for the disease not to pose a great danger to the community.
It is worthwhile to mention that the number of those working at the Hajj Infection-Combat Committee amounts to (7) consultants; and (7) specialists, infection and central sterilization practitioners. And they started their work as of 6/10/2012, and it lasts till the end of the Hajj season.

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