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Hiraa General Hospital Conducts a Successful Surgery on an Indian Pilgrim
27 October 2012
   The emergency team of Hiraa General Hospital received an Indian pilgrim, suffering from a gastrointestinal perforation. He underwent a surgerical operation under the supervision of a medical team, made up of Dr. Ameen Khalifah and Dr. Mohammed Ibraheem. The surgery was a success, May Allah be praised, and the pilgrim recovered; and he is going to be discharged to complete the Hajj rituals.
For his part, Dr. Omar Abu Hemdan, the head of Surgery Section, pointed out that the pilgrim was in a bad condition when received, as he was suffering from an acute blood inflammation and blood poisoning along with a sharp drop in blood pressure.
He added that having the pilgrim's case been diagnosed, he was given the necessary medicines and some solutions; in order to have him prepared for the exploratory laparotomy (ex-lap). And after a thorough search for the abdomen, a large gastrointestinal perforation was discovered; hence, it was grafted and the abdomen was cleaned from the pus spread in it.

Last Update : 04 November 2012 02:10 PM
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