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Makkah Maternity and Children Hospital Provides Extraordinary Services during this Year's Hajj
26 October 2012
   Within the framework of the MOH's interest in providing advanced health care for pilgrims, and in continuation of providing the specialized health services for them, Makkah Maternity and Children Hospital, inaugurated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, May Allah protect him, last Friday, October 19th, 2012,  provided its health services during this year's Hajj, a part of the MOH's fully fledged, comprehensive system, which includes 25 hospitals and 141 health centers; they are supported by the fourth level services provided by King Abdullah Medical City in the Holy Capital (Makkah).
As such, the new maternity and children hospital is considered the basic reference for pediatrics, gyaenoclogy, and obstetrics in Makkah, and an important edifice in service of the Makkah's inhabitants, adjacent villages, and the Hajj-Umrah performers with regard to pediatrics, gynecology, and obstetrics. Hence, when establishing this hospital, it has been taken into account that the age group of children stands out as one of the Kingdom's proportions of population; and the birth-giving cases are the highest worldwide. In addition to this, the old hospital, with 205 bed capacity, is located in overcrowded area (Jaroul District); hence it is hard to reach to it during seasons, which poses extreme danger to the patients in terms of emergency cases.
Meanwhile, Dr. Waleed Al-Aamri, the director of the hospital, pointed out that the new hospital located beside King Abdullah Medical City at Makkah –Taif road, its bed capacity amounts to 621 beds; of which there are 507 beds for clinical sections; 115 beds for intensive care sections, in addition to 34 beds for emergency sections, and 23 beds for delivery room.
He further pointed out that the hospital was equipped with the latest medical techniques in terms of the specialty field; it is distinguished with its internal spacious spaces and the spaciousness of the lounges and outside parking lots. He went on pointing out that the hospital provides its medical services on the field of pediatrics with all the subspecialties, except tumors, and gynecology and obstetrics fields and its branches, in addition to the supporting services for these specialties. Also, the new maternity and children hospital witnessed introducing new fields that did not exist in the old hospital.
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Aamri added that the hospital in the field of pediatrics includes an intensive care section for neonates with 76 bed capacity, an intensive care section for children with 19 bed capacity, and one more for emergency pediatrics with 21 bed capacity. In addition to this, the hospital includes other sections such as Children's Nerves, Children's Heart and Cardiac Catheterization Center, Children's Surgery section, Children's urology Surgery Unit, Day Surgery unit, Blood Diseases Center, Genetic Diseases Center, Speech and Hearing Unit, and Rehabilitation Center, in addition to general pediatrics and child-related subspecialties, distributed to 250 clinical beds.
As for gynecology and obediatrics specialties, Dr. Waleed Al-Aamri pointed out that the hospital includes Intensive-Medium Care section with 19 bed capacity, Delivery section 23 bed capacity, and Woman Emergency section with 13 bed capacity; in addition to Endoscopy Unit, Infertility Treatment Unit,   Embryology unit, Women's Urology section, and Day-Surgery unit; in addition to gynecology and obediatrics and following up all the pregnancy stages, distributed to 257 clinical beds. 
Furthermore, he affirmed that the hospital seeks, in the near future, to provide the medical services via specialized centers in order to serve the patient via outpatient clinics system or one-day hospitalization in most specialties. He also made clear that the hospital is distinguished with its child-related subspecialties, namely Children's Heart Center, Genetic Diseases Center, and Endoscopy section. In addition to this, it expanded in terms of the supporting medical services such as X-ray section, equipped with the latest devices, from X-ray devices down to magnetic resonance and CT scan devices, and breast screening devices (mammography), in addition to the X-ray electronic archiving system. He further pointed out that the capacity of the intensive care beds, with all its kinds (neonates, children, and women) amount to 115 beds, and the number of the operation rooms is 13 ones; of which there are 3 day-surgery rooms.
Dr. Al-Aamri added that the Maternity and Children Hospital is distinguished with high privacy when it comes to delivery sections, to the effect that each delivery room is considered a special wing, in which all the delivery procedures are taken place, along with keeping the baby inside the mother's wing until they are moved to clinical sections; this in turn provides security for the mother and its baby. Also, the hospital prepared the convenience means and services for the patients and those frequenting the hospital starting with the outside parking lots to the internal lounge.
He also made clear that the new hospital witnessed a great development unlike before, to the effect that Children's Heart and Cardiac Catheterization Center, Children's Endoscopies section, Infertility Treatment unit, Day-Surgery section, Day-Hospitalization unit, and Children's Urology Surgery unit were initiated.
Hospital Statistics
Gynecology and Obstetrics Section​ ​257 beds
Pediatrics Section ​204 beds
Pediatric Surgery Section​ ​46 beds
Pediatric Intensive Care ​19 beds
Adults' Intensive Care ​ ​10 beds
High-Risk Pregnancy Unit ​ ​9 beds
Nursery​ ​76 beds
Outpatient Clinics​ ​40 clinics
​Delivery Room ​23 rooms
Operation Rooms​ ​13 rooms
Recovery Beds​ 26 beds
Nursery ​ ​100 beds

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