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MOH Maintenance General Department: No Emergency Breakdowns Reported during Hajj
26 October 2012
   The Director General of MOH Maintenance, Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Zamel, has announced that the Maintenance General Department is monitoring the maintenance, medical maintenance and cleanliness of health facilities and primary healthcare centers spread throughout the Holy Sites: 4 hospitals in Arafat, 4 hospitals in Mina, and 80 primary healthcare centers disseminated to the Holy Sites.
Eng. Al-Zamel pointed out that the Maintenance Plan (both medical and non-medical) has already prepared and applied immediately after Ramadan. Specialized technical committees pay visits to health facilities to evaluate the technical status of both medical and non-medical systems.
He went on to say that technical maintenance teams are distributed to locations to embark on carrying out the necessary maintenance works for health facilities, by monitoring the situation around the clock, and preparing health facilities well in advance. That's to be added to following up regular and seasonal visits by the undersecretaries and representatives of companies specialized in medical and non-medical equipment, in an effort to verify of the implementation of maintenance and prevention procedures.
He further expounded that all mechanical and electric devices have been tested, including the electric loads test on the generators installed at health faculties to work in cases of electric outages. Such tests are conducted in coordination with the relevant governmental authorities.
For his part, the Deputy Director General of Maintenance, Dr. Ali Al-Shahri, mentioned that the competent committees, subsidiary to the Maintenance General Department, are assigned to monitor the regular maintenance work, provide the necessary technical support, and submit daily reports to the Hajj Maintenance Committee. In doing so, the Department seeks to redress any errors or breakdowns before the Hajj season. Besides, daily meetings are held with the heads of maintenance teams, and field visits are paid, to direct maintenance teams towards what's necessary to be done.
Dr. Al-Shahri made clear that no emergency breakdowns have been reported during this year's Hajj season, May Allah be praised. And work is in full swing to follow up and monitor the maintenance work at the Holy Sites' MOH facilities.

Last Update : 18 November 2012 01:58 PM
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